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If you are interested, you are welcome to contact: telegram:  +86 189 2374 1870

What wallets can receive etherzero directly? IM and Atoken wallet can support EtherZero Candy, the other wallets need to add costum node to MEW and get ETZ.

Welcome to the official announcement thread of EtherZero!

**Please do not follow any link here given by any members. It has came across some of them are giving fake links and website. You may lose your EtherZero or even Ethereum.**

Fork height: 4936270th block
Time: Jan 20th 2018 GMT 10:30-12:30
Total suppy: 194million=97million from hard fork+97million for reservation
The 97million from reservation is divided in to:
Pre-sale 20million: 1ETH= 3300 ETZ, will be locked for 4 terms, unlock 20% every 20 days
Reserved: 77million
Total supply 194million/ 11700=1.65, so the presale changed from 1:200/133 to 1:3300, which would provide larger possible profit for our early investors.
Those who already invested in EtherZero would get the same ratio as now, that is 1ETH= 3300 ETZ.

EtherZero has been imitated, and set up by evil scammers since it started gaining momentum. However, we gained the trust from our supporters and Justice will definitely defeat the evil, we will move on.

Since the forking is about to start very soon, EtherZero team sincerely ask if those famous trade platforms are willing to take a snapshot of EtherZero, and we sincerely invite our EtherZero fans to retweet our hope and @those platforms. The success of EtherZero need the support of all of you. If you believe and support us, push us a little bit to make us reach the top!

keep eth in any wallet that gives you access to your private key e.g Please make sure to use wallet such as MEW, Meta Mask,, Ethereum Wallet, Mist, Pair, JAXX, Ledger Wallet, TREZOR or wallet, etc that you can export the Private Key, Keystore or Mnemonic Phrase to keep ETH. or in an exchange which supports the fork. e.g, .. and YoBit
nothing for now.

Feel free to join the Telegram Channel : . We talk about mining, technical details and anything under the sun.

We are contacting follow exchanges to support our fork: Okex, huobi, BigONE, Bitfinex, Binance,,, coinut,, bibox, coinegg, coin900,,,, coincoming,, kkex, biex, coinbene,, HitBTC.


What is EtherZero(ETZ)?
EtherZero (ETZ) is a new generation of smart contract development platform launched by a group of professional DAPP developers to meet DAPP development. It is a hard forked project based on Ethereum framework. The Ethereum's traditional gas fee system is abandoned by the EtherZero, which makes the transaction of each transaction, including those in the smart contract, costs 0 transaction fee. We think that only 0 transaction fee of DAPP can truly fall to the ground and meet people's daily use needs.

In addition to the core characteristics of the 0 transaction fee, EtherZero introduces and extends the Masternode from Dash, which enhances the endogenous economic system of EtherZero, which can effectively stabilize and raise the price of this coin, and can effectively manage the community.

The network layer of Ethernet is composed of two level network: Master Node network and traditional PoW node network: Master Node network is responsible for transaction verification, PoW network is responsible for block packing and synchronization. The unique double-layer network structure of EtherZero make Instant Pay function was supported by smart contract, which does not need to wait for more than a dozen pieces of block confirmation (minutes to dozens of minutes).

At the same time, because the network structure using this feature, the EtherZero will be able to support thousands of, tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands transaction per second(TPS). Although the  Dash coin could achieve the same TPS, but EtherZero support Turing complete smart contract, so that it can support the development of a wider range of DAPP.

What is the total supply of ETZ?

ETZ will have a total supply of 194 million.

To ensure DDOS protection with 0 fees, we temporarily formulate the following rules, later may modify a little according to the situation:

1.Only when the account balance equal or larger than 0.1 ETZ can the trade be started.

2.Only when the account balance larger than 10 ETZ can the smart contract be built, to build the smart contract costs certain amount ETZ like 0.1 ETZ, the interaction between users and smart contract is free.

3.Use a brand new trade pool technology, limit the trade amount of one account in the same block, when the trade amount beyond a certain number, the user need to wait to the next block height to start trade again.

4.The algorithm limited the usable trade, calculation, reservation resource etc of an account, which are in direct proportion to the account balance.

5.After the Masternode system put in work, we will also add more intelligent Instant limit protocols and algorithms.

The EtherZero fork has been successfully launched on block 4936270, now we are testing in the real circumstances, will release the blockchain explorer as soon as possible for people to check and follow EtherZero fork schedule to do our next job. Thank you all for your support! Now EtherZero already been supported by following top exchanges:
You can trade on:

Claim etz tutorial for all possible wallets:


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