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CHAINCREATOR is an ecosystem of technologically advanced services developed for the global blockchain& crypto industry which are designed to fit the needs for launching successful and trustworthy ICOs.

This streamlines the long process of bringing an ICO project from idea to execution.
Our mission is to create a healthy environment for ICOs through our easy to use platform that will make the process of completing a blockchain project simple and more efficient.

It is designed to offer support to individuals with amazing blockchain ideas, help them find the perfect team for their project, raise funds through an ICO, and trade their tokens, all in one place.

ChainCreator makes it easy for anyone to create, launch, and contribute to world-transforming blockchain projects. Our ecosystem is comprised of 3 main components, together creating the perfect environment for bringing innovative ideas to life.

From our point of view, the ICO industry’s two biggest problems are:

ICO exit scams for which no systemic solution has been found to date.
The continuous refusal of crypto exchanges to list new coins, resulting in those coins having zero market valuation and eventually - die.

We believe that our service will make it impossible for scammers to cash out the funds, therefore providing ICO investors with 100% guarantee on their contributions. More than that, all listed ICOs will be benefit from a Third Party Trust Guarantee.