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[ANN] Bitcoin Monkey BTCM
« on: November 10, 2019, 05:14:06 AM »

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The First Cryptocurrency and Social Experiment for Monkeys.. and Humans.
The "BTCM" token a community driven cryptocurrency with no real purpose
until projects are selected by our community voting system.
In other news, Monkeys roughly share 96% of human DNA,
So "BTCM" shares 96% the supply of "BTC" or 20,130,000.
64.7% of our token supply is up for grabs through our AirDrop Program
Check Out and sign up.

Coin/Token Information.

1. Token Name ; BitcoinMonkey
2. Token Symbol : BTCM
3. Token Total Supply : 20,160,000 BTCM
4. Token Decimal : 18
5. Contract Address: : 0x04c7cd246330288a84d2788e8a323cc41206c2eb

Holder Address : 0x1fd43e34101cd2b609dfdc30a3422ec06aa67210

Explorer One (By Token):

Explorer Two (By Address):

Contract Source Code Verified :



deposit your token for Dex Exchange trade .Using your metamask Account .

Trade using metamask


1.EtherDelta: :!/trade/0x04c7cd246330288a84d2788e8a323cc41206c2eb-ETH :!/trade/0x04c7cd246330288a84d2788e8a323cc41206c2eb-ETH




7.Bamboorelay: : : :
How to Trade Using erc20 Token address 0x04c7cd246330288a84d2788e8a323cc41206c2e

Get your free coins now before all the monkeys do.


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