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Rollbit Coin ($RLB) has surged by 13,000% over 6 months.

200% increase in July, 23.

In May, the token's market cap was a mere $50 million, but now stands at around $700 million.

$0.001 (for approximately a year after launch) -> $0.05 (Feb. 23) ->$0.1 (mid-July 23) / Increase in market cap to $400 million from $60 million.

--> a continuation of the rise!!!

Like this, Rollbit Coin has given investors a golden age, showing the syndrome of a huge rise in revenue in online wager games.

But it's hard for us to expect another all-time rise in the early days of the Rollbit Coin, which has already gone up.

That's why we need to find a new coin that's going up again and showing the revenue myth.

The very start will be 'PIK Token', and I hope you'll take the golden opportunity to buy it at a lower price than the list price through the upcoming ICO.

📌N-PIK's Differentiators

Operated by Sonic Crypto, an online casino in Uganda, the online wagering game 'N-PIK' is based on the blockchain operating license. With a foundation in blockchain technology, the game lineup (limited to N-PIK) is made possible, introducing new Ghost Points and various events and casino games utilizing them to offer seamless and extensive benefits along with diverse gaming experiences.

'N-PIK' stands out in the legal business wager game market, offering high potential preference for users in terms of USDT/ETH transactions for deposits and withdrawals. The game coin 'PLYP' used in N-PIK allows users to enjoy a variety of services through a systematic system.

Currently, there is a lack of transparent and trustworthy betting platforms in web3.0. N-PIK aims to change this.

We have implemented the S2K L2 (Split Secure Key Layer 2) system, which utilizes a hybrid decentralized approach. The S2K L2 system verifies the cryptocurrency holdings in users' wallets on a daily basis.

In the event of any issues during the use of the betting service, users can recover their wallets securely through the 'Wallet Recovery' service using the security key provided during registration.

This allows users to safely retrieve their deposited cryptocurrencies at any time, even if the servers of the betting platform go down.

Therefore, with pride in ensuring the legality and safety of cryptocurrency casinos and providing users with efficient and trustworthy services, N-PIK plans to continually appeal to users and expand globally.

Through an ICO, purchasing 'PIK Token' (a coin that receives profit dividends) comes with the additional benefit of receiving 'PLYP' (used in casino betting games), which can be swapped for BankSwap (USDT) at a 5% increased price.  This additional incentive makes participation in the ICO attractive and is a point of interest enough.

It might be surprising, but holding PIK Tokens entitles you to a whopping 30% of daily casino revenue. For example, if we take the value of Rollbit, that would amount to "150 million dollars" out of a total casino revenue of 500 million dollars! Yes, "150 million dollars"! This substantial profit can be obtained through dividends.

📌 A Once-in-a-lifetime Pre-sale Opportunity! ICO Launch on December 1! Don't regret missing 'PIK Token'; invest now!

(Feat. The 'N-PIK' coin rewriting the history of online wager games, an unprecedented purchase price through ICO - a must-join opportunity.)

There is one more surprising thing about N-PIK. 5% token burning of daily revenue will contribute to increasing the value of tokens through the implementation of a deflation mechanism.

Having experienced the infinite value growth and unstoppable price surges in online wager games indirectly through Rollbit Coin, it's time for us to directly experience the miracle. In the digital era of rapidly evolving technology and changing trends, cryptocurrency casinos are undeniably in high demand and popularity. Seize the explosive rise of online casino N-PIK and truly enjoy the ascent.

One more! Huge benefit of 30% of N-PIK earnings being distributed daily!!!
Furthermore, ICO Pre-sale is a limited quantity sale, so hurry up to enjoy all these tremendous benefits.

⭐️ Pre-sale Price: $0.02 (80% discount)
⭐️Opens: 12/01/2023 09:00 (UTC)
⭐️ Participation:
📖 Whitepaper:

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