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Verde is a DAO-based cryptocurrency that is built around the idea of a rich service-oriented ecosystem. There are many future ideas to be implemented including a live experiences NFT marketplace, a lending/borrowing system, sweepstakes/rewards pots, and charity functions for Colombians in need.

What is COP Real?
COP Real is a Colombian-based project designed to bring a gold-backed stablecoin to the Colombian People.

1% of each transaction fee is put into a wallet for charitable purposes benefiting the people of Colombia!

Gold backing
COP Real is guaranteed with gold that has real world value

Real world uses
Holders will have access to a wide range of payment services such as PundiX, crypto ATMs, and more.

Low rates
A small transaction fee of 0.07% is assessed to help support the future of the project!

COP Real
The stablecoin of Colombia!

Buy Cop Real

Value: 18.00 $
Holders: 124,532,343
Market Cap: 126,103,422
24h Volume: 12,553,282

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