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Blokbiz - The vision of the future.
« on: September 04, 2018, 06:37:35 PM »

BlokBiz is a platform designed for supporting and financing viable ICO (Initial Coin Offering) projects. BlokBiz was developed to cater for those investors, whether professional or newbie, seeking a viable platform to invest in the ICO space.

The vision of BlokBiz is to ensure that the operations of fraudulent ICOs that promise potential investors bogus return on investment are completely nipped in the bud. Hence, the company deploys the use of smart-contracts for any ERC20-related transactions on their platform.

Any ICO intending to advertise on the Blokbiz platform is subjected to rigorous verification exercise with a view to preventing ICO makers from defrauding unsuspecting members of the public.

The Goal Of BlokBiz

The following are the established goals of BlokBiz:

●    To establish an ICO crowdfunding system where companies are subjected to a series of verification before hitting the ICO market
●    To establish a system where projects are strictly monitored by their team
●    To guarantee a minimal risk for startup businesses
●    To leverage blockchain technology with a view to delivering a cryptocurrency from the investors to the funded companies.
●    To develop a user-friendly platform where investors can maintain multiple portfolios
●    To design an Artificial Intelligence platform where investors can easily convert their crypto coins into fiat-based currencies at the best possible yield.
●    To monitor the cryptocurrency market on a 24/7 basis.
●    To maintain an advertising opportunity for the enrolled ICO makers.
Features of The BlokBiz Platform
The following are the features of the BlokBiz platform:
●    Dedicated project manager: Any company wishing to feature on the Blokbiz platform will be assigned a project manager who will keep a tab with the members of the company and will also inform investors on the level of progress achieved.
●    Selection of the projects: Passing the verification and screening stage doesn't determine the viability of a project. BlokBiz will ensure that each staff member of prospective companies is interviewed in order to rate their expertise level.
●    Compliance check: BlokBiz will ensure that any company listing on her platform complies with laid down rules and regulations.
●    Refund: Investors shall be refunded any amount invested when a company could not hit their target within the deadline or the company does not show any progress in the project.
●    Payout in installments: BlokBiz will release the requested Ethereum to the company requesting on an installment basis.

Benefits Of Using The BlokBiz Investment Portal

The following are the benefits of using the BlokBiz portal:

●    BlokBiz strives to curb the widespread scams notable on most cryptocurrency platform
●    Investors on the Blokbiz platform are sure of investing in a fully-verified and fully-monitored ICO project
●    All projects listed on the Blokbiz platform are monitored by their compliance department
●    Investors on the Blokbiz platform are guaranteed high returns on investment.
●    The BlokBiz team monitors the cryptocurrency market on a 24/7 basis.


BlokBiz provides a 12/7 customer service at the initial stage of a project and will later extend the timing to 24/7 basis. BlokBiz plans to make the platform a multilingual platform. In addition, the company will incorporate an automatic chatbox which will be used to provide a fast response to customers’ queries.
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