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Buy EOSiNT tokens, earn 75% of platform revenue every month
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World’s first smart contract governed, Dividend Sharing Multi-chain Decentralized Exchange
Buy EOSiNT tokens, earn 75% of platform revenue every month. is a DAC/DAO governed, Dividend sharing, Multi-chain Decentralized Exchange (DEX). EosInterest integrates a Tor enabled Multi-Chain DEX with an AI guided trade portal. EOSiNT token holders can claim for a 75% of monthly earnings of the dual utility platform, by staking their EOSiNT tokens in the DEX during the corresponding trading month.
Community governance of the platform is achieved through Decentralized Autonomous Companies (DAC) and Democratic Autonomous Organizations (DAO) contracts. Smart contracts oversee the election of delegates and witnesses through community voting and DAC governed dividend distribution.
EOSiNT token holders can:
a)   Trade EOSiNT token as a trading pair in the EOSInterest. DEX
b)   Conduct their cryptocurrency trading in the DEX and receive a refund of 50% of platform fee in EOSiNT tokens at the end of each 24 hour trading period
c)   Stake their EOSiNT tokens in the DEX and receive 75 per cent of monthly combined earnings of the platform during the corresponding trading month.
Sign up and register for the Pre-sale:
Dates:  November 20th , running until December 10th.
Pre-ICO token price: US $ 0.60 per EOSiNT (40% discount)
Total tokens available for pre-sale: 1 million EOSiNT.
Personal maximum cap: 1 btc
ICO Main Sale
Dates:  December 20th to January 31, 2019
ICO token Price: US $ .80 ( first two weeks) -US $ 1.
Total token available for main sale: 5.5 million
Personal maximum cap: 0.5 btc
ICO hard cap: US $ 5,000,000
Airdrop is distributing 300,000 EOSiNT tokens ( 5 per cent of the total token supply) among the community. Each participant who successfully completes simple assigned tasks and submits the airdrop form will receive up to 30 EOSiNT tokens (valued at 30 US $ ICO price) plus any referral bonuses. Airdrop is limited to first 10,000 participants. Airdrop tokens will be issued in late January/ early February, before the launch of the EOSInterest DEX.
Airdrop tokens will automatically be staked in the DEX for a period of six months from the date of issuance. During the staked period, airdrop token holders would be entitled to 75% of the combined earnings of the platform, proportionate to their relative share of the staked tokens.
Read our detailed airdrop announcement and explanation as to why we departed from the usual practice and opted for a mandatory staking of airdrop tokens for a period of six month:


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