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The hurdles are cleared, the ITO of UG can start: Blockchain and games of chance have entered into a symbiosis. And the chances are much higher than with all current games.

The effort was great, especially the legal framework which had to be coordinated in detail with authorities and lawyers. But now UG is facing the Initial Token Offering (ITO): until April 14, 2019 Ethereum can be exchanged for new eden tokens in the presale-whitelisting - with a discount of 30 percent. The tamper-proof Blockchain technology and the highly sought-after game of chance thus merge to form a profitable union. Every eden player automatically participates in three draws: daily, monthly and yearly. Above all, however, up to 99 percent of the income generated is distributed again - and this is probably unparalleled.
Blockchain as a manipulation-proof foundation
The company UG has carefully analysed the weak points of the classic lotteries, which enjoy great demand even in economically difficult times: a relevant part of the stakes is not entered into the draw, participation is usually limited to a single play and the chances of winning the jackpot are very clear. Based on these findings, developed an optimized variant - based on Blockchain. Thus, the eden raffles are free of manipulation, because the Ethereum Smart Contracts are transparent, comprehensible and executed automatically. Participants can therefore not only look forward to three draws, but also to the distribution of up to 99 percent of the stakes.
It is interesting to note that the chances of winning are identical for each eden - regardless of whether a participant uses one or several thousand eden. expects a lucrative token turnover, especially in the daily raffles. Participation is extremely simple: participants look for a broker for crypto-currencies who not only enables trading with Ethereum, but also the payment of transactions. As soon as the identification code for the wallet, i.e. the electronic purse, is available, interested parties can register for the presale whitelisting on the website and of course benefit from the 30 percent discount. The ITO should be completed on 30 June 2019 and herald a new era for the game of chance.
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