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How OKGlobal Coin Switch is Changing the Face of the Service Industry
Since the advent of the internet, cryptocurrencies, and the blockchain technology, the use of phones and other connected devices are now consumers’ preferred method of payment; thus, causing the digital payment industry to blossom worldwide. As this industry continues to grow, the power dynamics and the inherent benefits of the blockchain technology are shifting further in favor of digital and omnichannel providers. Hence, attracting several providers to the space and also forcing a lot of companies to collaborate, diversify, and consolidate with a view to capitalizing on the growing revenue opportunity.

Despite the gains of the payment industry, there are several challenges and problems bedeviling the industry. High processing fees, geopolitical tensions, regulatory changes, long account reconciliation times, and funds not reconciled into merchant accounts for several or more days are some of the problems militating against the progress of the industry. Plus, fraudsters are having a field day exploiting vulnerable investors and payment providers.
With several payment processors or service platforms to choose from, how do you know which service provider is best for your business and your customer’s experience? In this post, we will walk you through some of the reasons why you should consider using OkGlobal Coin Switch as your number one service platform.

OkGlobal Coin Switch is blockchain-powered investment platform you can access online. The platform aims to be the future of global payment and individual currency management. They have a crypto coin known as OkGlobal Coin. OkGlobal Coin is highly profitable because they re-invest the profit from payment processing, insurance financing, currency exchange and other investment holdings/valuations into the coin ledger. OKGlobal coin is a standard cryptocoin that will operate on its unique blockchain. It is currently an Ethereum ERC20 token and will migrate to its blockchain prior to the launch of the beta testing for the SWITCH instant payment platform. So, if you worry about the decrease in the value of your money as inflation climbs, this service provider has got your back.

Problems That OkGlobal Coin Switch is Solving
It is a known fact that most of the payment processors on the market charge high fees just to process a single transaction. As such, it has a direct effect on consumers’ revenue and profit. So if you are looking for a platform that charges less, as far as, 90% reduction compared to what other providers are charging, then OkGlobal Coin Switch is the partner you need. For a fact, OkGlobal Coin Switch will help you save thousands of dollars since they don’t have per-transaction fee and charges only 0.1%.

Another problem that OkGlobal Coin Switch has resolved is the issue of waiting for several days for a deposit to reconcile into merchant accounts. Take for example, if you operate a restaurant and you need to pay your suppliers, which means the supplier has to wait for several days for the card processing company to reconcile with your bank account. With OkGlobal Coin Switch, crypto coins or fiat currencies would be available instantaneously in merchant account. 

Also, most service providers require that merchant's lease or buy card processing machine, plus a phone line dedicated to the machine to operate efficiently. As such merchants are left with no option than to invest in dozens of machines just to accommodate each form of card payment. But with OkGlobal Coin Switch, payments are made via customers’ free phone app through the OkGlobal Coin Switch platform.

Sounds interesting right? Visit to get started.
And one more thing; OkGlobal Coin Switch will be launching its Phase 1 Private Securities Token Offering (STO) in the next four (4) weeks. You can take advantage of the STO to make passive income. As an early investor, you stand a chance of getting a bonus allocation of tokens prior to a mass-marketed public STO offering. All participants must pass KYC/AML screening and have a MetaMask or MyEtherwallet(MEW) ethereum address.

NB: The first truly global STO that is open to the general public and has NO requirement to be an accredited or institutional investor.

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Re: How OKGlobal Coin Switch is Changing the Face of the Service Industry
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The Advantages Of Using The OKGlobal Platform

OKGlobal is an innovative company operating in crypto investment and global currency management. The benefits of using this platform are worthy of your time, resources, and effort. One of the advantages of the company is to put back gains in the pocket of users.
OKGlobal can help to expedite and enhance currency transfer and lower payment costs that will benefit every member. From the reinvested returns of the system, there is a guaranteed increasing base value. These returns can emanate from investment, finance, payment, and service to help members if anything unexpected occurs.

OKGlobal will help boost the purchasing power of its coins every year to favor users. It is one of the rare crypto companies that remain insured, licensed, registered, and with the right regulatory rules. With the regulatory authorities of the firm, it is possible to ensure operations oversight and proper management to secure customers.
All applicants in this company will enjoy the lowest cost services and faster account reconciliation for businesses. It offers smart management services that will benefit reconciliation and accounting for merchants and consumers. OKGlobal obeys total transparency, compliance and convenient policy.

The platform will start its security token sale on 20th September, 2019. There is a complete KYC verification process needed to start using the system. OKGlobal is run by professionals in the IT and finance sectors.
All further information at:

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Re: How OKGlobal Coin Switch is Changing the Face of the Service Industry
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The OKGlobal Simple Creation!

OKGlobal is a creative digital asset platform that will be offering the lowest fees and rates for transactions. Putting money back into the hands of investors is a profitable venture that most crypto investment platforms should emulate. OKGlobal’s objective is establishing a system that will reinvest returns to guarantee an increasing value backed by real assets for its participants and offer services that will save merchants and consumers hundreds of billions or more per year from high fees and interest rates.

The platform is planning to start selling its token for prospective customers to buy. OkGlobal Coin Singapore & OkGlobal Coin USA will each have a supply of 50,000,000,000 tokens in the Ethereum ERC20 model. Sixty percent of the allocation process will be designated to STO/investors. The remaining part of the allocation will be forty percent that moves to the storage medium for the founder and development. Due to the easy integration and mass adoption of the Ethereum blockchain, it is the actual method that OKGlobal will use for the token allocation process.

The platform will also be moving tokens to a special location due to the limitations of Ethereum, limited functionality, high fees, and main transaction speed. The Phase 1 security token offering will occupy twenty percent of the OKGlobal allocation process. The structure of the platform comes in a plethora of segments such as accepting only clients that are with OKGlobal coins or operating with fiat currencies.

OkGlobal Coin USA & OkGlobal Coin Singapore will start the Security Token Offering in three weeks. Interested investors can take advantage of the transparency, compliance and smart management policy of the platform.
OkGlobal Coin Switch will be launching its Phase 1 Private Securities Token Offering (STO) in the next four (4) weeks. You can take advantage of the STO to make passive income. All participants must pass KYC/AML screening and have a MetaMask or MyEtherwallat(MEW) ethereum address.
All further information at:

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Re: How OKGlobal Coin Switch is Changing the Face of the Service Industry
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OKGlobal – The Future Service Platform And Instant Cross Payment Cryptocoin For The Future:

One crucial benefit of investing in digital currencies is to enjoy the intrinsic value of the commodity. Crypto platforms where reinvestment is taken seriously often help investors to earn more profit. With the high leveraging cost of investing in the financial world, people may be discouraged to put their money in crypto investment programs. OKGlobal is standing as a beacon of hope to everyone looking to invest in cryptocurrencies.

The future of the global currency management system is here and people can enjoy every benefit of this new approach. OKGlobal has unveiled the right way to handle financial activities pointing to the future. It will be engaging in global currency cross payments, secured insurance premium financing, zero per-transaction fees and 0.1% merchant payment processing.
With this approach, the service will help to lower currency exchange charges and other risk management investments. According to the platform, its objective remains in providing real world advantages by boosting the value of OKGlobal cryptocoin. Every investor that will be using this service will get free checking accounts and debit cards.

It operates online with full transparency, compliance, smart management, and convenient policy. Another benefit that investors will enjoy is reinvestment returns getting back into the system. OKGlobal is positioning itself as the future of investment and global currency for all. The roadmap journey of this crypto service started in December of 2017 when the planning stage kicked off.

The launching of the project occurred in June 2018. The security token offering process of phase one and the third quarter became the next step for the company. The phase two will take place in the first quarter of 2020 with restricted beta testing of the Switch payment service for the security token offering. There will be a launch of OKGlobal currency exchange locations and financing services in the second quarter of 2020.
All further information at:

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Re: How OKGlobal Coin Switch is Changing the Face of the Service Industry
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OKGlobal Professionalism, Creativity And Innovation:

The pathway to success in the crypto world of today is innovation, creativity, productivity, and professionalism. Card handling processing fees and rates are getting high as more people seek to use this method of payment. Converting digital assets into fiat currencies is becoming difficult daily. The only solution that can help investors is to find a crypto platform with real-life solutions. As a new crypto service in the industries, OKGlobal is taking the task of helping people enjoy the lowest payment charges in the market.

One thing is obvious at OKGlobal, the creation of the platform remains the job of technology and finance professionals. These experts have been creative, innovative, and productive to bring about the future of the global currency management system. OKGlobal will boost and retain the purchasing power of its new tokens every year by overcoming inflation and other global financial issues. By reducing transaction costs, the crypto platform will expedite and improve currency transfer. The minimum increase base worth on OKGlobal is guaranteed from returns received from reinvestment.

Han S. Kim remains the founder of this innovative crypto platform. Kim has held several business ownerships, marketing, sales, international trading, and finance positions. The project oversight manager is Shultz Wang, an entrepreneur, and technologist. Wang has also engaged in product planning, marketing, and engineering with twenty years of experience.

The platform will be opening opportunities for people to buy its token in 3 weeks.  All participants must pass KYC/AML screening prior to the token offering and are advised to use only there Metamask or MyEtherwallet(MEW) ethereum address. The crypto service is establishing itself as the way forward in global currency management and investment. It is also operating with compliance, transparent and smart management policy. People can check the official website of the service and check the security offering.
All further information at:


How OKGlobal Coin Switch is Changing the Face of the Service Industry

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