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Title: In the realm of mmogo Fortnite
Post by: yuandanzou on January 03, 2019, 07:29:33 AM
In the realm of Fortnite there really aren't that many items which have a really unique function. There are of course multiple harm dealing weapons, most of which have several variations, many ways to heal and add shields and the three kinds of building materials. But currently the Port-a-Fort is the only thing that will build you a structure pretty much immediately.

On paper that seems extremely helpful, and sometimes it can be, but more times than not we find them used to annoy squadmates rather than for any tactical reason.

With a single Port-a-Fort taking up an entire inventory slot this is rather easy to justify, but even so that the chances offered by the huge fort you'll have inside a second frequently outweigh the price. We have spent hours playing around with all the Port-a-Fort trying to find the best method to utilize this, and this is what we have learnt.
Providing you have already figured out that altering your construction hotkeys from the very strange default of F1-F5 is your best idea in the world, you ought to be at least marginally competent in regards to construction in the middle of a battle.