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Perform Skill in Fortnite
« on: March 21, 2019, 02:06:27 AM »

It's not too much of a stretch to imagine that lots of players, when faced with a temporary host outage, will take their power and thumb dexterity to Pornhub instead of diving right into a different game. What's constantly interesting is the sort of porn they are searching buy fortnite traps. Considering all the available categories of porn available, it is apparent that with Fortnite in mind, it is difficult to pull away from this focus.

If you are not an avid Fortnite participant than maybe you do not get the obsession, then that is absolutely fine. Unless your fascination just happened to get the better of you through the server downtime. There's no shame in it, rather, be very happy that you have an open enough mind to meld the worlds of gambling and porn to your entertainment.

At least with those insights from Pornhub, we all know players aren't just cursing in their screens during Fortnite server outages, they are maintaining their heads and souls energized in order to have that coveted victory royale.

It feels so wonderfully suitable into the planet of Fortnite: Battle Royale that the supreme reward for the most deadly of gamers is something so strangely yummy: an umbrella. When you find a player descending into the map carrying a Mary Poppins-style umbrella, then so that they are feared competitors because they've pried that umbrella from the leavings of 99 defeated enemies and claimed it through a Victory Royale, and not one in 50 vs. 50, either.

Every season has its own umbrella that you can collect along with the bottom one, which makes these the greatest collectable: to observe a player with an umbrella is 1 thing, to find a player with the latest umbrella is just another. Let us take a look at the Season 5 Victory Umbrella, coming to us initially through Youtube consumer and assumed early winner Andy Spiller.
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