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Points to Energy Bolt in MapleStory M
« on: March 21, 2019, 01:35:02 AM »

Since my host has merged with another, I believe our buddylist ought to be enlarged to more than 100slots that are +. I like to make new friends especially when it makes the game even more enjoyable to play with and less lonely but after the world merge, Maplestory M Meso is difficult to make any new friends because my buddy list has maxed out to 100/100.

Many of my friends and I were anticipating the merge because our host was a small empty and since we got new people to meet, we would love to incorporate all of them in our buddylist.

Perhaps expand the buddylist to 200? Or maybe 300? Heck even 150 is fine but a lot of us are missing chances to make new friends within the game, MapleStory, and making new friends would make us continue to play the game since it wouldn't feel so lonely.

Yes, we still got our first friends before the world merge but many are going on a lengthy holiday, going to school, work, etc it would get quiet sometimes within the friend chat.So yeah.... I hope that I gave a precise reason why we must get a buddy list expansion. The more friends, the more reason to perform with!

Henesy Hunting Ground 1. It was so fun becaues it took attempt, it took months to reach lvl 70, and if you're lvl 70 you were praised. Sins where the greatest damagers in the game. Idk I miss this, I reallly wish to enjoy maplestory but it's really simple and not as fun anymore (imo).

This sport comes with an old school version of the sport and its very successful, and with more than half of this game population playing with it because the simple, hard working matches are preferred by many.I don't know if I am the only one that feels like that, anyways--

I'm likely the only that feels this way, and I'm 100% sure it won't occur, but mentioning it maybe might bring some attention.
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