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Today we are excited to announce the upcoming launch of « TheMasterPiece »
Behind the project stands a collective of international Artists, traders and developers.
« TheMasterPiece » is an 8K picture where every single pixel is an NFT. In total, 33 177 600

NFTs are directly integrated on the Flow Blockchain and FULLY ON-CHAIN.

This community-centered piece of art is unique: every single pixel is modifiable in shape and color thanks to our integrated toolbox.

As soon as the Marketplace opens, it will be possible to fix pixels price and sell them,
or to make an offer and buy those that already belong to someone else.

This buying and selling operations will make the piece of art alive,
as it will bring together the changes made on each single pixel during its entire lifetime.
We are currently preparing everything we need to get ready for our official launch.
This involves for example the management of potential partnerships and integrations,
gathering resources for post-launch marketing.
Before that, you can already show us your skills on our testnet version of « TheMasterPiece »
at :

Feel free to share your ideas to evolve the project on Discord,
to be part of our early artist and have a chance to buy pixels from ₣ 0.01/Pixel
We can’t wait to share more information with you and would love for you to start following us on this journey!

Grab your brushes!
Website :
Docs :
Discord :

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Re: “TheMasterPiece”, an innovative NFT project built on Flow blockchain
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I see dev team working hard, lets see what happen