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Title: BTC Hydrant ✪ Faucet ✪ 0.2 BTC A Day ✪ Easy to use ✪ Registrations Open
Post by: bitcoinmasta2000 on June 21, 2014, 03:20:58 AM
Attach the hose and let the bitcoins flow!


Our Client Direct Download:

Check out our client!

- With our client you will also be able to add other bitcoin faucet sites and the client will tell you when its time you can recieve coins.

- Want Bitcoins but dont want to have to pay for them or mine them? Instead get them free from facuet sites. Most sites faucet sites only payout once a day, or even less often, to save on transaction fees.

- By using our faucet site you will be able to claim FREE bitcoins every 10 minitues thats 144 times a day! With a total equal to above .2 BTC PER DAY!

- We do not get paid for advertisements or make your watch videos or fill out suverys on our website for bitcoins. We recive money from our sponsers by website visits and member signups.