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Title: Gridseed Repair?
Post by: Fr1tz3d on June 10, 2014, 07:22:34 PM
I was curious if anyone does any repair on these. Or if not, if you might have an idea of what might be wrong with mine. I have 4 which just stopped working. They still have the fans on and were only running scrypt. There are no visible signs of damage. when 12v is connected the fan spins, but it never detects the USB plugged in and so the lights never come on. If I jump two of the pins on u10 near the com port. My computer will detect that it was plugged into the usb, but doesn't know what it is. My drivers are good as I currently have 3 others still hashing away on the same computer. It is apparently something with the 5v side, just not sure what, All are the 2nd gen with the newer com port firmware. I am lost. Any help or ideas of where to look or where to get parts for these other than other dead units would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!PS. I was able to solder the two pins on u10 mentioned above on two of the units and they are alive! lights on, hashing away, no HW errors. What is up with these other ones? What most commonly goes out on these units?