Author Topic: Need help with this wallet recovery.  (Read 4501 times)

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Need help with this wallet recovery.
« on: December 22, 2017, 08:32:28 PM »
I successfully recovered my LTC folder on a SanDisk flash I used in 2013 to keep weekly backups of my wallet.dat file.

I did try to move each copy of my wallet.dat file directly into the proper folder so the LTC Core client can read it.  No luck - even with a -salvagewallet command.

So I went to use the tool to --recover and -dumpwallet on each of my backups.  I renamed the recovered wallets back to wallet.dat and tried again at getting the LTC Core client to read the file.  Still, no luck.

When I went to browse my dump.txt file, I see all these entries:

The wallet is encrypted but no passphrase is used
    "ckey": [],
    "keys": [
            "addr": "1LQ...BWJ",
            "compressed": true,
            "encrypted_privkey": "d2e...5f3",
            "label": "recovered: 28e...e05",
            "pubkey": "020...bd8",
            "reserve": 0

Everything looks good... 84-100 entries or thereabouts. The problem is - those are BTC addresses (every address begins with a 1) and I manually checked each one on the BTC blockchain.  Every single address is valid with no history of any activity.  However, when I go to import each private key into the BTC core client, the priv key is invalid.

Why are these BTC addresses??  They should be all LTC addresses!  I've never mined BTC, I've never traded or bought BTC. 

Is there an issue with the recovery process?  Is there some other conversion tool I need to recover these old LTC wallets?

I'm absolutely stumped and could use a sanity check.


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