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What happens when one of the best programmers in the world joins forces with anarcho-capitalists that do not know when to stop? A solution to many of today’s problems turns out to be the answer.

x42 Protocol, or just x42 for short, is a feeless, proof of stake cryptocurrency that not only works as a coin but much more, it is an entirely decentralized infrastructure system that allows for the development, hosting and launching of decentralized applications (dApps). This is the first time I’ve seen a PoS coin with a cap, there will not be more x42 after 42 million coins.

If that sounds out there, it is because it is.
They created the most advanced, powerful and effect PoS coin on the market, but also built atop a decentralized server system, so on x42 you can transact, trade, save data, gamble your money and everything in between, inside the same system. This coin is faster than IOTA, it is faster than EOS and NANO!

Weirdly enough x42 didn’t hold an ICO, they didn’t have private investors, their core development team (Gabriel, Myke, Dennis and Pixel) took money out of their own pockets to create completely new technology, and they gave a lot of it for free, and to this day still do giveaways on their discord, twitter and partnered services like exchanges and the like. These guys really seem to believe in what they are doing, and they take questions and talk constantly to their users on discord, that is a first for me.

Their blockchain is about to be two years old, so it is far from a concept, x42 is an immediate reality.

And a reality that will not only grow a lot in the next few months, but more likely than not will take over ETH eventually. This might be an opportunity for people looking to swing trade or even long-term hold, since you can stake x42, it is extremely cheap to get a good amount of coin right now and have another source of passive income.

But don’t take my word for it, do your own research.

I missed out on BTC and ETH, I am not going to miss out again, are you? This thing is way too cheap right now, that is not going to last, and I will be the first in line.

Website -

Discord -

Twitter -

Delta -

CoinMarketCap -

Stex -

Graviex -


x42 Protocol (x42) – The gateway to the feeless future!

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