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Title: Target Spacing and Timespan?
Post by: SlippyD on November 29, 2017, 03:24:47 AM

I am working through the codebase of litecoin in order to get a better understanding of the currency, I am currently doing this by making my own currency for fun, as a fork of litecoin, not to be released, just to learn from.

I have come across a piece of code which is used for setting the Target Spacing and Timespan... Now, from what I can gather right now, this looks to be for creating a certain number of blocks per day which can be mined? right? wrong?

Anyway, my real question is - is there such a way as to say at the time of making a currency - I want X amount of coins to exist (lets say 100,000,000 for the sake of simplicity) - and then be able to say I want half of those coins to be available for use immediately without mining, and leave the other half unmined, so that I can mine them?