Author Topic: Not getting any love on Valentine’s Day?This crypto project might be ableto help  (Read 880 times)

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Not getting any love on Valentine’s Day? This crypto project might be able to help…

Boston, Feb. 14 2022: PornVerse, a cryptocurrency project designed to establish an ecosystem driven by the creation of a new adult’s only version of the metaverse, announced the ICO launch of their cryptocurrency token, here foreword known as PORN.

According to Juniper Research (2021), The global value of the VR (Virtual Reality) adult content market will increase significantly, from $716 million in 2021 to $19 billion in 2026; representing 22% of the global digital adult content market value by 2026.

PORN is an initiative by Virtual Adult Industries, LLC. in Boston, MA. It will be used as a payment token by merchants and clients to buy adults-only experiences from PornVerse virtual marketplace via blockchain. Clients will be able to exchange their fiat currency (dollars) for PORN (tokens) to carry out any transactions in the PornVerse. Furthermore, the token is developed as BEP20 on the Binance Smart
Chain, meaning transactions will be secure and charges will be lower than tokens on other blockchains.

PORN will be used to run and finance all operations of the PornVerse project, which is creating a legitimate, legal, and secure, adults-only metaverse-based marketplace. In addition to lands, holders will be able to purchase any NFTs of their choice, either live one-on-one interaction, VR pictures, pre-recorded immersive videos, adult-rated artworks, etc. and create a collection of their own in the PornVerse ecosystem.

PornVerse stands as a decentralized platform similar to Sandbox or Decentraland with this latest announcement. As a result, community members can have a safe, legal, and respectful way to live out their fantasies. In addition, it will be a renowned virtual marketplace where developers can purchase real estate and build their own virtual, and mixed reality experiences in accordance with PORNVERSE

Robert S. Grant, CEO for the project said: “Adult-based content is one of the foundation bricks of the internet; it is still one of the top 3 revenue producers online. Think of a webcam show, that you can participate in through your lifelike avatar, or augmented reality visits with your partner while they are clear across the country where you can both touch and feel. The technology is here, the hardware is here. We are blazing a new trail, and adding to the wild west that is the metaverse”.

The website features a variety of informative resources such as tokenomics, roadmap, whitepaper, and others.

For more information, please visit

Available by PancakeSwap:



Woodford, Scarlett. (2021, August 23). Digital Adult Content: Key Monestation Models, Emerging Technologies & Market Forecasts.
Juniper Research.


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