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Thinking more about Franchise's qualities
« on: May 15, 2020, 03:24:05 AM »
They are not. Hate and nostalgia factor blurs reality. Now I expect the downvotes. You are correct. While Madden play is unquestionably better in many facets (WRs playing with the ball largely ) there are still a lot of things the older Madden on PS2/OG Xbox did much better particularly with HB play. Let alone the features. Now players really make conclusions in zone policy compared to back then when everything was scripted from the snap. Some people enjoyed that, and a few wanted the arcade experience. Which is fine, but only say that ya know lol.

Think a lot of people are thinking more about Franchise's qualities. I've been playing both Madden 07 on PS2 and Madden 20 recently and that I much prefer franchise mode in Madden 07. The vision cone is also very much loved by me, though. The position is HBs. There've been a fair number of HBs that have come in that were top 5 in the NFL as rookies. Positions should def remain about where they are. Perhaps a little more competitive to current NFL players since it is really hard to justify giving a bunch of 64-70 ovr gamers a lot of playing and that's basically all you will find after round 2 lots of the time.

I have to disagree with each of you. I would say the games are scripted than the older games. There's a YouTuber out there called SoftDrinkTV who specializes in reviewing sports videogames, but includes a focus on football games. He talks a great deal about game physics, cartoon, realism, and fluidity during gameplay. After viewing one of his reviews, you really start to see how stiff and robotic Madden 20 is contrasted to Madden 08, a game made 12 years back. He actually does a fantastic review on 2k8 All Star Football (a match most people do not even know exists) and delves into Madden mechanics on the field. Seeing his videos are the reason I do not cut Madden/EA slack as it comes to bugs and bad gameplay.

LMAO zone policy is designed to let the receiver catch the ball? We are not talking about something shallow or a drag trail. We are talking about literally any path across the center of the area. They don't adhere to them and pass them off. Not to mention if we begin talking about cloud zones that the defenders don't have any programming of whether there's help over the top of them, so frequently 2-3-4 defenders will probably be covering a single man. Also, no mentioning of blue zones? Are we going to discount them? Don't bring realism into this argument. It won't go well for you I can promise you. Madden is not a true portrayal of football in any element. Pass offense/defense, run offense/defense, all of these have holes in them which make them extremely unrealistic.
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