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Title: Trade with the best!
Post by: cryptoboom on April 16, 2017, 05:28:14 PM

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Bitcoin Trade

The purpose of our project - attraction of investments for trade at the crypto-currency exchange. We trade in couple of BTC-USDT. Bitcoin is the main cryptocurrency, million daily turns on exchange platforms, rapid and frequent shift. USDT is usual dollar, but in a digital form, his course remains invariable and is always equal to dollar. Our project is suitable more for medium-term and long-term investors who want to get stable monthly profit. Is suitable for aggressive short-term investors less

Our project doesn't belong to category hyip or a financial pyramid because it it isn't. We don't make payments to the first investors at the expense of the subsequent, etc. All enclosed sum is in real work at the exchange, and all this will be visible on warrants. Besides, the statistics of replenishments, a conclusion and overall balance is transparent and open. Also, you shouldn't consider our project as investment or other fund. We accept replenishment of balance as your voluntary contribution and the help to the project, and you accept the profit as our help and gratitude for cooperation with us.

My [COLOR="Green"]deposit[/COLOR] (http://"")[/URL]  in the project 0.79 BTC

Title: Re: Trade with the best!
Post by: Djlakhany on August 08, 2018, 11:50:06 PM
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