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I'm glad to show you all newbielink: [nonactive] the most innovative Ponzi game with unique mechanism ever!
7streak is a game based on Ponzi scheme concept, where you just have to deposit the desired amount of coins and then just wait for other people deposits for payout.

7streak project was created about 3 months ago, coded and developed from scratch but finally launched on 05/04/2015.
Behind this colossus there's a small group of old HYIP investors who got enough knowledge to start their own, perfected, Ponzi game!
We made over $20.000 from HYIP industry and now we want to share with you our experience through this magnificent gambling. You're probably wondering why is 7streak so special, am I right?
Simply because it has been studied to last forever, even being inactive.

BITCOIN GAME ADDRESS: newbielink:http://"" [nonactive] | DEPOSIT: 0.001 - 1 BTC | TIMER: 3 hours
DOGECOIN GAME ADDRESS: newbielink:http://"" [nonactive] | DEPOSIT: 100 - 100000 DOGE | TIMER: 4 hours
LITECOIN GAME ADDRESS: newbielink:http://"" [nonactive] | DEPOSIT: 0.01 - 100 LTC | TIMER: 5 hours

Aren't Ponzi schemes illegal?
We are a game based on the Ponzi model, so let's define it gambling.
Illegal Ponzi schemes are based on deception and fraud (masked and hidden behind fake investments). This game is provably fair and all of the transactions are visible on the blockchain.

How does it work?
Game process is very simple:
   1. When you enter the game your money is instantly used to pay early players in queue
   2. Sooner you are going to the be the next actual player
   3. You have a couple of hours to collect all the coins needed for payout
   4. When you complete the progress bar you instantly get paid
   5. REPEAT!

Exceptional case, but still possible: all players got paid but there are some coins in the pool balance (hot wallet) yet.
You can enter the game with the correct amount to take it all immediately without having to wait for the next players!

I must register to play?
No, there is no registration required in order to play.
Our software is "sit & go" based, ideal for those who wants to give it a shot and then get out with some profit!

Before playing.. How can I trust you?
We do not guarantee any success for the project because you, as players, are who handle the progress of the game.
Our tasks are: involve new players to join us through social advertisement, events, bonuses and giveaways.
So we can only prove you our dedication to the project, the rest is up to you!
You can also view all of our activity on the blockchain.
It's impossible for us to cheat you out of your money without everyone seeing. Just try it with a small amount first to see how it works.
In addition to this, we would comfort you saying that we do not hold more than:
   - 1.4 BTC for Bitcoin game session.
   - 140 LTC for Litecoin game session.
   - 140000 DOGE for Dogecoin game session.

How to play?
Note on wallets: please make sure you use a compatible wallet. (read below)
To play, simply send the desired amount to one of the 7streak game addresses!
   1. To play, copy the address into your wallet, using either the address wrapper or scan the QR code:
   - you can find the addresses of the games right in the address wrapper of each cryptocurrency session
   - all addresses always start with "Bit", "Lite" or "Doge"
   2. Next, select the amount you want to play, for your bet to be valid:
   - the amount that you send must be at least equal to the minimum amount and at most equal to the maximum amount of the game you are playing
   - you can find the minimum and maximum amounts next to the address wrappers
   3. That's it, wait for your bet to appear at the top of the game table!

What kind of wallet should I use for my bets?
You must use only compatible wallets to play 7streak.
Compatible wallets are wallets that allow you to receive bitcoin from the address(es) you sent from. This is not the case with online wallets that use a single bitcoin address for several users.
Examples of compatible wallets:
   - Bitcoin-Qt/Bitcoind
   - Armory
   - Electrum
   - Multibit
   - Android bitcoin wallet
Examples of wallets that are not compatible:
   - Exchanges such as Xapo, Coinbase, Bitstamp etc.
   - Shared wallets of other gambling sites
   - Online wallets that send from a common address for all users
   - In general, any service that uses a shared wallet for all its users

If you're not sure if your wallet is compatible, test it by sending a bet with the minimum amount to one of our games and see if you get something in return.

Is my bet valid or invalid?
Your bet is valid if it respects the minimum and maximum limits of the game.
Few seconds after you have sent your bet from your wallet, you will see your bet appearing at the top of game table signed by an "unconfirmed" status.
7streak immediately sends back to you your initial amount multiplied by the multiplier that your bet attained.
Bets might be invalid because the amount is too small or too large, according to the limits of the game session that you selected.
If a bet is too big, 7streak simply refunds 95% of the bet to you immediately. But if a bet is too small, 7streak will take it as "donation" so that can be achieved by players.
Your invalid bet will not be visible in the game table until it gets at least 1 confirmation.

In short, what's your profit?
We just take 5% commission (based on each persons amount entered) to keep us going.
These funds gets transferred at payout step to our cold wallet.
You still get exactly the same promised winning amount.

Official commission addresses:
   - Bitcoin [ newbielink: [nonactive]]
   - Litecoin [ newbielink: [nonactive]]
   - Dogecoin [ newbielink: [nonactive]]

Can you explain the payout formula?
Let's say you deposit 0.01 BTC:
   - Paid to you: (deposit amount * multiplier[random(1.05,1.40)]) + transaction fee[0.0001]
   - Paid to us: ((deposit amount * commission[5]) / 100) + transaction fee[0.0001]
   - Total paid: paid to you + paid to us

Transaction fee may be 0.001 LTC for Litecoin and 1 DOGE for Dogecoin.
Random multiplier formula is not as simple as described.

Who pays transaction fees?
For every payout that 7streak sends, a standard fee is given to reward miners.
This fee is currently 0.0001 BTC / 0.001 LTC / 1 DOGE.
Some transactions might require a higher fee, in which case anything above 0.0001 BTC / 0.001 LTC / 1 DOGE is entirely paid by 7streak.

How can I check if my bet was processed?
Go to your block explorer or just browse the play table, and copy the transaction hash or address of your bet in the search field.

Why my bet does not enter immediately in game?
7streak waits for one confirmation before processing your bet.
"Estimated confirmation time" is visible by hovering the small triangle warning on with your mouse.
As soon as your transaction confirms, your bet will appear as "playing", just be patient!

How long does it take to receive the payout?
It depends on the pool balance (hot wallet), how many people have entered and how much they entered.
We pay out to the winners automatically when entries are funded by subsequent players and the entries in question (including yours) have at least one confirmation.

My payout link says "transaction not found" on blockchain?
If the little box next to your bet says "won", the payment was sent!
It is only that sometimes is just weird or half-broken, so just wait for the payout to confirm and it will magically get visible.

Do you provide a full list of statuses?
Check this out:
   1. Unconfirmed: transaction received but not confirmed by network yet. Player is not yet counted in game until first confirmation.
   2. Playing: transaction received and confirmed by network. Player is already in game playing.
   3. Processing: payout in process. Player is in queue waiting for payout.
   4. Won: payout done. Player has won and already received the payout.
   5. Expired: invalid transaction and/or lost bet. Player has entered an invalid amount or just lost the bet.
   6. Refunded: refunded transactions already confirmed. Player has entered an amount too high in order to play.

Can I get refunded?
Once you play no refunds are possible because 7streak make use of an autonomous software. You can only get refunded (95% of deposit) if you deposited more than allowed in game rules. Refund will be instantly delivered after one confirmation.

What's the timer supposed to do?
Timer gets always assigned to the actual player in queue until there are no more players.
When the player becomes the actual in queue has up to 12 hours (according to the rules of the present cryptocurrency session) to collect all coins needed for payout.
If the player wins the bet, so collected all coins, timer instantly goes reset to the next player in queue becoming the actual one.
But if timer expires before collecting all remaining coins then it's a loss for the player, sticking to expired status.
The coins collected but lost due to the timer, automatically go on the pool balance (hot wallet) which are free and available for next players in queue (or not).

I've lost, what now?
Move on or abandon as fast as possible!
We do not refund any kind loss as stipuled in our Terms & Conditions, please read it before accepting.

newbielink: [nonactive]
Useful links:
newbielink: [nonactive]
newbielink: [nonactive]
newbielink: [nonactive]
newbielink: [nonactive]

Official Twitter: newbielink: [nonactive]
Support E-mail:
Chatroom: newbielink: [nonactive]
Live Skype: support7streak

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Re: 7streak ❤ NO ROUNDS!! ▲ Win ✖1.4 ★ BTC ─ LTC ─ DOGE
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Hey, great method. [/size]I did a similar one a few months ago, but I mostly just use my webpage when I have a live chat added. It is called Rumbletalk and it is a really decent for trading with your friends and your site visitors. Because you can share pictures, videos and charts with it.
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