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*Website Coming Soon!  You will be able to view stats, referral stats, and cashout instantly via different options!
Get an ADDITONAL 40% rakeback sent to you each week for a total of 50-140% rakeback!* You must be properly TRACKED in order to receive this EXTRA rakeback service.  Please PM me or email to ensure you are properly tracked.[size=13]NEW: Automated 50% Table Starter Rakeback does NOT count against this rakeback![/size][size=13]NEW: Refer-a-friend, Private Message me their login name and sign-up date and get 5% of their net rake sent to you each week!  Who could resist 50% - 140% rakeback + 100% deposit bonus?[/size]Contact: for questions, inquiries, and referrals.

Here's what's even better about what we have to offer: on top of the 40% rakeback, you will also get a 100% deposit bonus AND the VIP rakeback!  Yes all promotions do not count against rakeback!  So overall you are getting 50-140% rakeback when you sign up here

Are we legit?  Of course we are!  Many players can vouch for our legitimacy because they have been getting paid each week!  There has not been a single complaint as of yet.  We have integrity and we offer a great service in which everyone benefits!

Could I view my stats?  Currently you'd have to PM or email me in order to get a screenshot of your stats.  However once the website is complete you can login to view.

Why are we able to offer such a unique and gracious deal?  We have strong ties with Betcoin Poker, and we work together to make online poker a better and fun experience.  We work to make it more pleasant for the player unlike some rooms out there that are working towards giving less and less benefits for the player (ie Pokerstars/Amaya).

How do I get this 40% extra rakeback?  Easy.  Simply click ►►► HERE or the links above and PM or email me your username so that I can confirm you are properly linked.

Do I have to wait until the end of the week to get my rakeback?  No.  You can request a cashout at anytime by messaging/emailing me.

If there is any problem with your sign up or payments, do not hesistate to contact me.

Rakeback is normally paid out on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

Now here is what Betcoin Poker has to offer:

-100% Table Starter Rakeback

-2 Factor Authentication for extra security

-Freerolls running all the time, from non stop $10 freerolls to up to 10 BTC weekly/monthly freerolls.

-Great tournaments since they have merged with the Winning Poker Network (WPN)

-100% deposit bonus up to 1000 chips

-Wide array of cash games with growing players

-Bad beat jackpot!

-Secure connection

-Reward system (convert points to chips instantly)

-Daily and weekly leaderboard promotions

And once again, I have to reiterate, all these promotions do not count AGAINST the 40% rakeback offer!!!

So what are you waiting for?  Make the switch to Betcoin PokerNOW

Some feedback:

ATTENTION: New VIP program that does NOT count against this 40% rakeback deal!

This program is UNBELIEVABLY awesome and generous!!!!

Daily surprise box is giving away chips, points, and goodies EVERYDAY at when you check your account!!!

I am incredibly sorry everyone, but the forum seems to have a bug and the BBCODE doesn't seem to function properly.  However all links are valid and this deal is certainly valid.  Please check the official thread for a better presentation or the official thread.


All rakeback has been processed for the week of 5/30-6/5.  GL!

*This starts on Wednesday around 2-3 in the afternoon, North American timezone.  Nice to take advantage of this because there should be some overlays.

Play the High Five Tournament Series at Betcoin and get your winnings in Bitcoin!

--- Quote ---From June 8th to 12th we?ll host the 6th High Five Tournament Series with a massive 1,700 BTC in guaranteed prize pools and a 780 BTC GTD Main Event.

The High Five Tournament Series will bring you 5 extra tournaments for 5 straight days, over and above our regularly scheduled Big 10 and Turbo 10 events.

We also understand that no tournament series is complete without big prize pool tournaments. Along with the enormous 780 BTC GTD we?ve got two other massive tournaments which are a 140 BTC and 185 BTC GTD.

The players spoke out overwhelmingly in last year?s High Five with their approval of our 10 minute courtesy break at 4:20pm ET every day. So we?re keeping the tradition going during this one.

This is one series no one should miss, so don?t forget to tell your buds! Satellites for major events will start running soon. Check the poker lobby for the full tournament schedule.

Thank you and good luck!
--- End quote ---

Full Schedule of Events:


As expected there has been some overlays in the Hi-5 with decent value:


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