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Please check out for the BEST poker rakeback in all of online poker!  40% extra rakeback, 50-140% total rakeback, PLUS 100% deposit bonus!


Hi everyone, hope you had a wonderful summer like me.  Traffic has been steadily growing at the poker room.  Yes, even during the summer months where traffic universally halts for a little bit.  I expect a surge in traffic come August and Autumn, peaking near the holidays and New Year.  So definitely take advantage of this insane rakeback reward program, as many people already have.

Some things to share about this poker room:


They're happening daily for both Betcoin tourneys and WPN tourneys

2 Factor Authentication

Automated Instant Pay Table Starter Rakeback

Here's how it works:

Step 1

Go to your wallet. Open the table starter promo by clicking the Pick Tables button.

Step 2

Select a table from the list you want to play at.  To promptly find the table you are looking for in the list, please use your browser's search function (CTRL+F).

Step 3

Go back to the table starter bonus panel and click the refresh button (or reload the page). The system will now show the table as pending. You have 5 minutes to sit at this exact table from the time you check it out. If you are not seated at this table within 5 minutes the promo for this table will be canceled and you will need to start over again. Also, make sure that you are not sitting at the table before starting the promo.

Step 4

Once the system has confirmed that you are sitting at the table you will now need to sit at this table straight for at least 1 hour. If you leave the table before reaching 1 hour then the promo will cancel for this table and you will need to start over. You can track your progress in the table starter bonus panel.

Step 5

Instantly receive chips!


On this lovely Sunday morning, there's currently 134 active players on the site, and 244 players logged into the poker client!  Be prepared for more tournament and poker action as more people wake up!

Due to constant DDOS attacks, one will not be able to go directly to the home page from Chrome browsers or IE.  Please use Firefox when signing up for this RB service!

Nevertheless, plenty of action tonight, and there's a lot to look forward to at the poker room.  The BBJ is approaching 30 bitcoins, and the OSS Cubed is coming up in less than a week.

Current state of lobby:

The monumental OSS Cubed Tournament Event has begun!

Over $4.5 MILLION in GUARANTEED prizes!


Take home the Championship Bracelet!

Also there has been a HUGE update to the entire Betcoin platform:

*Please report all bugs that you find and components that needs to be added, by making a support ticket!  The new platform will pave the way for new features and is in beta mode as it was updated recently.


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