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Dear GameFi enthusiasts!

❖ DeFi-Play | Your Blockchain Gaming Community. Find your teammates, and share games.


DeFi-play is your blockchain gaming community. Find your teammates, share crypto-related ideas and discuss Blockchain Games, NFT & Play to Earn.

We deliver you daily hot news about the NFT, Play-To-Earn, and GameFi world. Join our discord community and share your gaming experience with tons of other Play To earn gaming enthusiasts.

What is Blockchain Gaming?

Blockchain games are games that allow players to monetize games and have full ownership of their game items using the same technology as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Unlike the conventional gaming model where the creators of a game have central authority over things like player accounts, game assets, or governance, blockchain gaming is decentralized. This gives players more of a say in how the game works, gives them the flexibility to tweak their games, and allows them to monetize the time they spend playing.

Non-fungible tokens are at the heart of this innovative way to play and play to win. Game assets like XP, heroes, weapons, etc. are securely stored on a blockchain network and can be transferred from one wallet to another like any cryptocurrency. Some NFTs can also be ported to other games. For example, you can play the same heroes in multiple games or apply skins from game to game.