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We're pleased to announce a new version of Dogecoinmachine:

Now you can play with Bitcoins, Litecoins, Dogecoins, Darkgold, FriendshipCoin2 or just play with PLAY-money is an website for playing DICE and SLOT MACHINE game. Anyone can play with various cryptocurrencies.

We offer the following features:
- Anonymous accounts (no sign up and no email required)
- Provably Fair
- Secure (SSL encryption)
- Instant deposits (No confirmation required)
- Affiliate program (For every friend that you invite you get 25% house money)
- Faucets (0.00005 BTC, 50 DOGE, 0.005 LTC, 0.4 DGD, 2.5 FSC2)
- No withdrawal transaction fees
- Play money to test how to play  :)

- Provably Fair
- Playing with BTC, LTC, DOGE, DGD, FSC2 or PLAYMONEY
- Dice has house edge of 0.8%.

- Slot has house edge of 1.241%.
- Minimum bet: 50 Credits (0,00005 BTC, 0,005 LTC, 50 DOGE, 1.25 DGD, 2.50 FSC2)
- Maximum bet: 5000 Credits (0,005 BTC, 0,5 LTC, 5000 DOGE, 125 DGD, 250 FSC2)

1 Bitcoin = 1 million credits
1 Litecoin = 10.000 credits
1 Dogecoin = 1 credit
1 FriendshipCoin2 = 20 credits
1 Darkgold = 40 credits

Try it out on and Catch the winning spirit!
Best regards,

New feature on Scan QR code to deposit and play with your Phone/Tablet!

Extra promotion on!

From now on, every 5th player gets 20% bonus on his deposit!


every 25th player gets 100% bonus on his deposit!!!

One and only condition:
- Player must spin slot machine at least ten times.

Bonus will be claimed within 24 hours on players DogecoinMachine account (don't lose your ID number!).
This offer is valid until promotion fund is empty, or until further notice.

Try it out on DogecoinMachine and Catch the winning spirit!

How deposit, playing and withdraw looks in practice: Youtube video

Good luck,

We are increasing Jacpot prize to factor x500!!

So if you put maximum bet, you can win 2.499.500 Dogecoins!

Visit us on and Catch the winning spirit!

Hello Players,

Many of you have unclaimed bonus on you account, so take a look and spin our slot machine!


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