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Title: Invest your Crypto Currency and earn 2% ROI PER HOUR!!, NEW!!
Post by: yourinl on May 17, 2015, 06:57:47 AM

*not confirmed ponzi, consider this as a gamble rather than a stable investment!

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CryptoHours gives you 2% interest on your Bitcoins and DASH (and other altcoins!) every HOUR!

You invest, e.g, 0.1BTC, and you'll get 0.002BTC every hour until you have a total of 0.2BTC!

Is it paying? YES!! I have 0.24BTC in the site and here are my proofs which you can track right from my address link.

Original Deposit: 0.24BTC -
Payouts (just 3, the rest can be found on my address link)
Paid to:
0.0048BTC -
0.0048BTC -
0.0048BTC -

THE LIST GOES ON! Visit my address link and you'll see tens of payments every hour.

What else does the site offer?
+ 2% Interest paid HOURLY until 200% ROI (100% profit)
+ Real Company (GreenSSL and registration within 2 weeks)
+ 10% Affiliate Commission
+ Fast Support
+ Unique Platform
+ 15+ Altcoins, new coins added weekly

My ref: