Author Topic: [Censored word] Needs a Reality Check: Pepe is a Frog, Not a Nazi  (Read 1241 times)

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Hey, did you hear the latest joke from [Censored word]? They sent out a newsletter saying that pepe is a hate symbol. LOL! That’s hilarious. I mean, come on, pepe is a frog, not a Nazi. He’s just a cute and funny meme that we all love and enjoy. He’s not hurting anyone or spreading hate. He’s just having fun and making us laugh.
[/size][Censored word] must have been smoking some bad weed when they wrote that newsletter. Either that or they are completely clueless about the crypto culture and the pepe community. They probably think that doge is a racist dog and shiba is a terrorist cat. They have no idea what they are talking about.[/color]But hey, let’s not get mad at [Censored word]. Let’s just laugh at them and their ignorance. Let’s show them how much we love pepe and how awesome he is. Let’s #delete[Censored word] and move our funds to other platforms that support pepe and other memecoins. Let’s make pepe go to the moon and leave [Censored word] behind in the dust.[/size][/color]Join me and thousands of others in the #delete[Censored word] movement. Together, we can have fun and make money.[/size]


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