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The Moonbois are trying to colonize the moon… Unfortunately they were unaware of the presence of Fudsters, a low iq inhabitant of the moon, who have set out to destroy the Moonbois moonbase.

This game puts one side of the community against the other... choose your faction to earn rewards and unique NFT's!

To help you fellow crypto enthusiasts understand the game, there are a total of 4 tokens that will play a part in the tokenomics of this project.

1) Moonfuel
2) Moonbois
3) Fudsters
4) Moondust
Each token has their own unique purpose, which is explained here:

1) MoonFuel (Contract address: 0x4689020104eDEE22454E0f76d3fF682b48806850)

Total/circulating supply = 1000 total... 510 remain (5% txn burn applies to every transaction. Up until now, half of the supply has been burnt!)

MoonFuel is a deflationary token used for yield farming and rewards.


2) Moonbois (Contract address: 0x1499f5ed61ED3DeA00A3225531986F3493dA61B6)

Total/circulating supply = 600

3) Fudsters (Contract address: 0x0921af65fc449575e855B89271B737a7bA3db0c8)

Total/circulating supply = 400

Moonbois and Fudsters are direct competitors in this ecosystem... which team will prevail?

Each ERC20 faction token has a fixed supply and is used for yield farming 2x rewards.

Pool your faction token of choice with MoonFuel to start farming today on the official Moonbois.Games website!


4) Moondust (Contract address: 0x05ddfb6844dbed9ce1409280cb797433548e52ac)

Total/circulating supply = 8400 total... 1680 in circulation

Moondust is the token distributed through farming via Moonbois or Fudster Faction.

There are more governance and rewards factors built into the ecosystem which you can learn more about by participating in the community!

Community Chat:


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