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Ready To Invest In CryptoCurrencies? - Latino Stable Coin A Long-Term Investment

The invention of Bitcoin in 2008 changed the financial world as this digital currency created a decentralized network for value exchange that takes power away from governments and big banks and puts it in the hands of all of us.

Since the appearance of Bitcoin, there has been an encouragement to create new cryptocurrencies known as altcoins. These altcoins employ similar cryptography technology but use different algorithmic systems.

Many of these altcoins are invented for different reasons or to solve the Bitcoin network's main issues. BTC's most common features are the high energy usage and the supply limit of 21 million coins. Due to Bitcoin's limited supply, the prices and its variants have risen as a unit.

Nearly 2,000 cryptocurrencies are trading worldwide with a combined market capitalization of US$148.3 billion. With so many choices, how do you know which one to invest in?

There are four key elements to look for in an altcoin to determine whether it's a good investment or not.

●   Adoption - The altcoin must have strong potential for adoption outside of the cryptocurrency atmosphere. If you can identify a cryptocurrency that has an advantage over others, this may be an excellent investment.

●   Price - When you're looking for the next big star, it's crucial to consider the token price. With low-priced coins, you have the chance to diversify.

●   Volume - Look for digital currencies with increasing price and volume trades. Even though there is no guarantee that this momentum will continue, it's useful to see which altcoin has the most investors.

●   Supply - One of the main characteristics of most cryptocurrencies is that they have a determined maximum supply. This means that when that maximum is reached, no new tokens will be produced. Please consider the total supply before you invest.

Now that you know what to look for in a cryptocurrency, let's determine if Latino Stable Coin is a long-term investment.


What Is Latino Stable Coin

It's critical to understand what LSCIndex is to understand Latino Stable Coin. The LSCIndex consists of the top ten most valuable capitalized digital currencies available in the market.

Please note that the top ten cryptocurrencies will have a 10% equal share in the LSCIndex. As mentioned, the LSCIndex consists of the top 10 following currencies:

●   Bitcoin (BTC)
●   Ethereum (ETH)
●   Tether (USDT)
●   Litecoin (LTC)
●   Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
●   EOS (EOS)
●   NEO (NEO)
●   USD Coin (USDC)
●   Dash (Dash)
●   Binance Coin (BNB)

It's essential to notice that these cryptocurrencies can change in the future. The percentage of the above currencies in the index, or any of them, can be replaced if necessary to protect and preserve the intrinsic value of the LSCIndex.

Now that you know what LSCIndex is let's talk about Latino Stable Coin.

Latino Stable Coin will be secured and linked to the LSCIndex. You should notice that in the case that LSC trades below the intrinsic market value price of the LSCIndex for a term of 60 days or more, free distribution will be made to LSC token holders to compensate for lost market value.

As you can see, the creation and establishment of the LSCIndex is the correct and ultimate solution for any temporary disturbance in the LSC token market price.

Please note that the pre-offering price to the public of a single LSC coin would be $0.10 for the first 15 days. After that, the Latino Stable Coin price will be offered at a minimum of $0.16 per one LSC coin.

One of the best features about Latino Stable Coin is that the total circulation is similar to bitcoin with 20 million.

When you invest in Latino Stable Coin, you are entitled to a distribution of 70% of increased coin value on a semi-annual basis. The terrific thing about it is that the distribution will be made in Bitcoin to coin holders.

If you're wondering, why is this terrific?

If you have been involved in the cryptocurrency world, you know about bitcoin's incredible performance as a currency and investment. There are many advantages to having bitcoin as part of your portfolio investment. Some of these benefits include:

●   Liquidity - BTC is one of the most liquid investment assets worldwide. You can easily trade BTC for cash or assets.

●   Inflation - One of the best things about cryptocurrencies is that the government does not regulate them, so bitcoin is immune to inflation.

●   Opportunities for massive gains

●   Easy to use - You can easily buy or sell bitcoin from exchanges and place them in your wallet.

Latino Stable Coin has market price protection and upside potential in the future coin price. This is a massive benefit as you can buy or sell LSC at the best available price. You have to keep in mind that the cost of LSC is influenced by factors such as:

●   The supply of Latino Stable Coin and market demand for it
●   The number of competing cryptocurrencies
●   The exchanges it trades on

Please note that an initial investment in LSC coin, can be made with the following currencies:

●   BTC
●   ETH
●   DAI
●   GUSD
●   LINK
●   BCH
●   MKR
●   XLM
●   XRP
●   NEXO
●   PAX
●   USDC
●   USDT
●   TUSD
●   Fiat Options:
○   EUR
○   USD

Keep in mind that LSC coin, will be listed and traded on major currency exchanges at the completion of the ICO and distribution the coins to subscribers.

Latino Stable Coin Benefits


The Latino Stable Coin fund is wholly linked and attached to the LSCIndex from the date of issue. The LSCIndex consists of the top ten most valuable capitalized digital currencies available in the market.

Interest and Dividend Payments

Two times a year, coin holders are entitled to the distribution of 70% of increased coin value. The distribution is made in bitcoin for better gains for holders.

Market Price Protection

Latino Stable Coin's holders have market price protection and upside potential. This means you can be sure you can buy and sell LSC at the best possible price in the market.
The issuer is committed to publish every three months on its official website the accurate intrinsic-real value of LSC underlying assets.

Bottom Line

Latino Stable Coin is one interest venture that is still developing. LSC's best things are that it is attached and linked to LSCIndex, an ambitious project that consists of the top ten most valuable capitalized digital currencies available in the market.

It's important to consider that the total coins' circulation would be 20 million, similar to bitcoin. This means that no more LSC is produced once the maximum is reached; this could represent a price rise.

But maybe one of the best things about Latino Stable Coin is that every six months, coin holders are entitled to a distribution of 70% of increased coin value. Having the allocation made in Bitcoin only brings benefits to LSC's holders.


Because Bitcoin is a secure, global, and digital currency that provides exciting opportunities, keep in mind that bitcoins can be sent from anywhere to anywhere worldwide. No bank can block payments, and it's an easy way for people to escape failed government monetary policy.

Buying Latino Stable Coin means you're investing in the top ten currencies in the world, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and USD Coin. We believe that investing in the Latino Stable Coin project has a bright and profitable future. Therefore acquiring LSC could make a great addition to your investment portfolio.

The offering memorandum was neither filled with nor was approved by the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission; it is not intended to be distributed or offered on the U.S soil or within any of its territories.

Under no circumstances U.S citizens or residents can participate or subscribe to the offering regardless of their permanent or temporary address.