Author Topic: all these reversions into wow classic gold  (Read 633 times)

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all these reversions into wow classic gold
« on: June 21, 2019, 09:29:08 AM »

This video is really exciting to me - for the most part, all these reversions into the original way will make things difficult. From footage I've seen it appears that things are far than I recall, more of a cake walk, although I'm not very experienced on pservs. Some of that is because of addons, some to comprehension and general ability, but it is cool to know some is due to pservs being incorrect and simpler than actuality.

There's not any same it is not vanilla on personal servers I and I feel it when I play with it but it still mutch better then bfa and each of the sucky expension we've got out of woltk whit activision comming in play and blizzard whit its suckung changes for classic the will never offer you the same experience which you have 15years ago if you here what are in classic which isn't in vanilla prevent counting already blizzard are a fucking company that only money matter not what's public ask.why was vanilla and bc the two best days of WoW Classic only flight I was compleet again it twist the experience you have whit the world and it make for farming ore or outher items not the same for each course if you have a drood he could throw or or outher thing whitout losing is flight kind so you where mutch faster then the outhers no longer we only request the first WoW Classic maybe not a fuckt up variant that the give the name classic you may see how screw this variant will soon be compare to vanilla and if you've got that childpublic you have on retail today in  vanilla waw forget social forget nice guild forget everything out of vanilla YOU won't GET A VANILLA WoW Classic AGAIN.
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