Author Topic: Hello everyone! I´m Maze from Europe. Seek help with wallet. 5 LTC gone??  (Read 1540 times)

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Hello together, I´m Maze and pretty new in Cryptos, just got in last summer, whilst Altcoins came across my path just few weeks before christmas ´17. Fascination caught me, and I found myself watching youtube-channels about the subject almost all holiday :-)

I was lucky enough to get hold of a ledger nano S and a Trezor Hardwallet (the Trezor definitely preferred, in terms of handling, by the way)

 :) Lol,  :o talking about easy handling, here´s my problem :'( :  I somehow sent some Litecoin to what I thought was my Trezor-Adress. I definetly did a copy-paste Transaction, so the adress is legit, and (shame on me) somewhere on may local system, as I didn´t use online-wallets at all. I also see the Transaction as confirmed on the explorer.litecoin. They aren´t spent.

Now there seem to be several ways to access your Hardwallet(s): Chrome Apps, MyLedgerWallet Nano, MyLedgerWallet Trezor
(It happened to me in the beginning that i was desperatly seeking 1400 XRP for 2 days, with their shitload of different wallets..., I seem to be destined to this  :-[ )

The point is: I just can´t find that balance, address, anymore.

Meanwhile I´m not sure anymore, IF it´s on the Trezor, or on the Ledger, or anywhere, I could have access to. I´ve been checking both via their Chrome-App, and couldn´t find it. At some point they make clear to me, that a 3...-address and a M...-address are like two names to the same street, so i´m fine with that, am I not?

I also tried the several BTC-Paths (Dunno, Legacy, Segwit) implemented in Ledger Wallet Bitcoin to access the Litecoin-Wallet on my Ledger. All three say "no Transactions"
I haven´t added any additional accounts on either of my hardware-wallets, and they are both not heavily used.

Does anybody of You guys have any clue, hint, idea how I could get behind that secret? Any other wway, to access any of the hardwallets, in order to store litecoin on them, which i dind´t mention (but might probably gone that path, not remembering)

Or any idea, how could find that address?
the "everything"-deepsearch for the adress dind´t bring up anything...

Would be great, if You could help! Thank You.
Greetz Maze