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Aion 6.0 new small fresh achievements: rareness Moony residues Abstract: Shadow Valley views of Aion 6.0 tenths of beauty, even the name of the achievement is also very beautiful, are increasingly translate to force. - Note: there will be transparent Union flag in the fall of next month around the tree, you can click on people to cut down trees, build a wood fortress. 3.2 greedy ravens - Balong Si Alexston - goal: the eradication of six months ravens fall 3.3 earthquake boxing - Erie - Goal: eliminate shock boxing - Description: boxing a shock in the task indication position cave. 4. Set up your fortress - Balong Si Alexston - Target: build your fortress - Description: and  Alexston dialogue can build fortress (below the initial appearance of the fortress) 5.1 find the state - Balong Si Alexston - Target: shelly dialogue and find assistant Brightstone, locate the missing blueprints - Description: that is, and the fortress of two npc dialogue and to pick up a blueprint fortress (fortress drawing pick it up later Use is completed) 5.2 wreck - Balong Si Alexston - Target: collect 15 boxes slave ship wreck. 5.3 Cang light - Vindicator Martha Ladd - Goal: Kill Norn Bloodseeker  newbielink: [nonactive] and 8 honky Devourer. 6. Build your barracks - Balong Si Alexston - Objective: Use architectural design tables to build your barracks. - Description: Click Balong Si Alexston beside architectural design tables, follow the prompts to build barracks (15s built). After clicking fortress built barracks (entities, non-architectural design table) drawing shape buttons on the front to complete the task. 7. Qi Yana shadow - Vindicator Martha Ladd - Objectives: with Qi Yana Moony to talk about. 8. Delano tasking - mission specialists - goal: podium assignments as  Moony. - Note: This task is to guide you on how to complete the task assigned entourage. After completing this task first task lighting lines. 9.1 hero courtesy - Erie - Target:  village Shadow Valley talk with Samara. 9.2 migrant workers - Vindicator Martha Ladd - Target: In your fortress foreman chain explosion and talk, then go outside to see Ailuoduoer laborers.


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