Author Topic: Blizzard did not make a free program of Runescape  (Read 668 times)

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Blizzard did not make a free program of Runescape
« on: March 10, 2016, 03:22:29 AM »
foreign websites ReadyCheck recently on the 'Runescape' chief designer Ion Hazzikostas combat and PvP designer Brian Holinka conducted a related Delano king developer interviews, highlights are as follows: Arena early in the TBC era, the arena is not it is suitable for this game because of the PVP 1V1 or 2V2, the major occupation is not being designed to be balanced, but now the situation has improved. Reason Arena historical statistics chart is removed from the hero newbielink: [nonactive] they take up a lot of storage space and usage is too low. It may increase Gladiator Trials of historical statistics. Developers are working to examine the single-row arena, but before implementing it there are several big challenges to overcome. (Corresponding to the number of players each duty unbalanced, had queued until a suitable team, the game randomly generated enough etc.) developers are aware that some players want to be able to return to practice sessions, but the development time required to consume other development time of the project. Arena preparation time may slightly too long. No matter how many changes including PVP, patches are all initial costs, so the more frequent update patch to resolve the problem PVP balance will slow down the creation and expansion of new content. Online correction also helps improve balance and easier to do. Rapid change is difficult to keep up with the rhythm, and minor adjustments will not have a significant impact on the PVP, so these are not the best way to deal with changes. Allowing players to a single row of the arena can greatly improve the participation rate, but also increases the bad behavior. The team hopes WoD Finder allows players easier to find a team to play PVP. PVE developers are aware that some people still favorite TBC era Heroic dungeon difficulty.


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