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    The following talks about the programs that we offer here at
    BTCPRO. Please read the following before installing our products
    just to make sure that they are for you. All of our products are
    free for non commercial use. If you have any questions about our
    products please feel free to send us a message here or with our
    contact us form on our website.
    newbielink: [nonactive]
    Trading Program
    v1.4 - Increased price refresh rate for 20% faster trades
    v1.3 - Added several more exchanges to supported list
    Prediction Program
    v1.1 - Now supports Altcoins
    Secure Wallet
    v1.9 - Added in Authy and Google Auth security
    What new feature would you like to have in our products?
    Trading program
    Ability to have it running on multiple exchanges
    6 Votes
    Prediction Program
    SMS alerts when price drop or rise occurs
    10 Votes
    Secure Wallet
    Mobile App
    18 Votes
    BTCPRO Mining
    Chart of mining cost Vs profit
    3 Vote
    Our Products:
    1. Prediction Program
    While working on our trade program we realized we could also make a
    prediction program using the same code. The bot takes many things
    into account to know when there will be a increase of decrease in
    cost of bitcoins and other cryptocurrency. We made this a stand
    alone program because we believe that some people do not trust a
    program to trade their valuable cryptocurrency for them and they
    want to do it themselves. With this program you could see a
    estimated prediction of 24 hours,15 days and 30 days.
    2. Trading Program
    Our first program id like to talk about is our trading bot program.
    My colleague and I have spent 12 months working on this and we
    believe now it is almost perfect. The bot knows the right time to
    buy and sell bitcoins as it not only watches market cost increase
    and decrease but also buy and sell volume of bitcoins. In easier
    terms this trading program can sell before a crash is major
    increase is about to happening getting you on or off this bitcoin
    train ride.
    3. Secure Wallet
    Our newest program we decided to make was a bitcoin wallet. This
    wallet has many features and we would like to see it become one of
    the most secure bitcoin wallets. With this you could create
    multiple passwords and encryption options available to secure your
    bitcoins. A pocket mode so you can keep bitcoins separate along
    with auto anonymizer for your bitcoins. If you need to send bitcoins
    secretly we also support stealth mode to keep your addresses private.
    4. BTCPRO Mining Program
    This is not just a mining software for bitcoin but also for any
    Scrypt, X11 and X13 coins. Our mining software auto configures any
    GPU, ASIC, and FPGA miners. We also support custom parameters for
    more advanced miners that want to fine tune their mining. We tested
    this mining software on several GPUS and ACIS and seen a
    improvement of anywhere between 3-5% increase in hashrate. This
    small percent might not seem like a lot but if your someone that
    mines with a very high hashrate this small percent will definitely
    help your hashrate.
    Copyright © 2014 BTCPRO


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