Author Topic: Except that's option 3, one which won't ever be implemented  (Read 835 times)

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Except that's option 3, one which won't ever be implemented
« on: August 04, 2020, 08:26:01 AM »
From what I understand, it is the p2w facet primarily mobile games possess that OSRS gold many of"average" RS players dislike, the micro transaction and such. There was some changes made to the client making RuneScape a bit easier, which upset some of the community. As far as I see it, I am glad that you were given the opporunity to find some profits in again by phone and you are playing. Try not to sweat those remarks. I dont get why that part of the community gets annoyed when the programmers decide to create something that's tedious marginally less tiresome, I believe there's a gap between QoL updates and then giving away free stuff like lowering the fall rates so everybody, specially Ironmen, can have access to them, that would make them unique and weeks afterwards people complain that it's become too common within RuneScape.

Except that's option 3, one which won't ever be implemented because Ash hates it. He wants an item sink and he doesn't care what anyone else thinks, he's made that very plain to see. That's why the fee is currently 5 percent, so nobody votes for it. It'll split the vote between 4 and 3 making 2 win even though two will be unpopular as fuck. That way they don't need to dismiss the vote (even though they stated they would if they needed to, aka anything other than 2 winning).With the hatred from OSRS into RS3, you are bound to find some reactions from the neighborhood that was RS3, its as straightforward as that. Well I can see them as individuals who cant manage change and stick to their youth game eternally, idiots who care more about shitting about the newer version of RuneScape than the model they prefer, but thats just fucking dumb. Both communities can be fucking tiring but the bad overshadow the individuals. Even tough the vast majority of the hate comes in the OSRS side, I do not really care.

I've played since 07 and I enjoy the modern sport. I think OSRS is the most popular for its pking, which I really was a fan of (because I snapped at it). Meanwhile, thanks I've defeated all of the directors that kicked my butt all those years back and I finally have had my sin. Not only that but I'm endgame viable which I never thought in a million years I'd reach especially with how slow development felt, which I presume is still a feature/issue (determined by you) of OSRS. I try not to generalize, so despite all of the"OSRS players hate RS3 and everybody and everything who plays it" speak, I just consider them of the hateful, divisive part of the playerbase that permeates every match.

And I love to think that's entirely fine and that people just prefer one game over another. I can see why this is an attractive factor for people. Hell, I have had my current'primary account's on OS for a couple of years, and while I am not a super efficient player I dont waste time per se, and only recently am I studying end game pvm such as Raids and soloing GWD effectively. Personally, the very fact that it's taken sooooo extended to receive my account to [/size]Old School RuneScape Gold this stage makes me quite proud of myselfand now when I can complete some high tier pvm, it seems really great. But I can totally see the appeal to hitting endgame quicker.

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Re: Except that's option 3, one which won't ever be implemented
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2021, 10:47:55 AM »
really interesting


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