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New LiteCoin TOR Marketplace
« on: March 14, 2013, 09:26:05 AM »
Hello fellow Litecoiners.

Today we would like to officially announce the release of our new website & service, Atlantis -- The free market.

Many of you will be familiar with SilkRoad, and as I'm sure most (maybe not all) of you will agree, SR has put Bitcoin on the map and in the eyes of the general public, the media, and the cryptocurrency communities. SR continues to strengthen the BitCoin economy to this day.

Our team decided that in order for Litecoin to make its mark in the cryptocurrency world it needed a similar service backing it.

So, with that being said, we would like to officially invite you all to Atlantis (or ATL for short), the Litecoin free market. Users of SR will feel at home using our website. However we've also improved on a few key areas that are a weakness in the current SR service, such as security, overall look & feel, ease of use, regular updates and last but definitely not least -- cheaper commission rates!

Regardless of whether or not you support this kind of activity, we are certain that with the right leadership this is a positive step toward the adoption and tangibility of the Litecoin currency.

To access Atlantis, you have a few options:

1. Download the Tor Browser Bundle at: newbielink: [nonactive] and navigate to newbielink:http://atlantisrky4es5q.onion [nonactive]
2. Configure your browser to use the Tor client (Tor client also downloaded at the above).
3. You can access the website without any additional software by clicking here: newbielink: [nonactive] or here: newbielink: [nonactive] -- These are Tor proxy services.

We tend to find the proxy services operate faster, however if maximum security is your concern you should use the Browser Bundle.

To familiarise yourself with the website we have created a buyer and seller guide which can be accessed upon logging in.

For a limited time, we will also be giving the first 3 MONTHS of trades entirely commission free to high sellers on other markets. If you wish to take up this opportunity, and can provide proof of ownership of your account on the other market, please create an account on Atlantis and message support. Please note we will only be giving these to limited users, apologies if you miss out.

We will also be answering questions in this thread, so feel free to ask away. Trolls will be ignored.

Many thanks,
The Atlantis team.


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