Author Topic: Rapid Whole blood back within 40  (Read 213 times)

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Rapid Whole blood back within 40
« on: April 05, 2016, 03:20:29 AM »

No. 4 position Amaterasu: Rapid Whole blood back within 40, so that all card more firm, while lifting the weakening effect, restore all the strongest  newbielink: [nonactive], indeed the wolf totem!

No. 5 position Chen Su children:? No matter how much you powerful cards I just need a silent skill, you can only again be level A, what martial arts is silenced ignore all martial arts, Soviet children MM only 30 internal force Oh!

This combination of features: 2 Qin Yi Jue 40 in the same row shields make up the internal forces of all time defect Diamond Rohan shield 50, No. 3 sub-Jun as the elimination of the enemy buff who, along with a decent output capability, 4 the shortest within 40 days according to the release of the call to restore the value of life perfectly restored before the King of Rohan loss, all this with just good, of course we have the children back enemy Chen Su's nemesis, but if you think this combination too meat you are wrong (this is a combination of all three sections of harm floating end of the skills, the main weakness of the enemy Qin Yi Jue success, all the court cards immediately all attacks)  newbielink: [nonactive] .