Author Topic: the sword of the Spirit lineup how?  (Read 597 times)

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the sword of the Spirit lineup how?
« on: March 24, 2016, 01:39:39 AM »

With the sword of the Spirit lineup how, line-up with analysis, with the sword of the Spirit card combination novice troublesome place, often do not know what kinds of cards well. Xiao Bian gave you some spiritual sword cards in combination with tips, but these are based on the current card is already out, the specific line-up late we still have to match  newbielink: [nonactive].

Recommended lineup

Front row: Lux + + boxer swordsman

Back row: Qigong call +

Alternative: Gunners back into qigong, if the defense can also easily call the auxiliary system replaced gunmen or dps call.

Novice lineup Recommended: Mixed Martial fly month + + + South Johor prime Genma + Pan Yufeng

Analytical lineup

Early roles sword of the Spirit is not much, with not too many tricks, the current version is definitely push swordsman FIG artifact! Such as fly months. Without considering the lottery case, the plot for the cards you need to have a Guinness (Mixed Martial) also has a dairy (Genma) or this group of milk Oh!

Then the story will give you two gunmen, a group attack a single attack, another wrestler or boxer arbitrary position put, put your best equipment on the line  newbielink: [nonactive] . Just two gunmen keep up, easily finish Dragon forest.