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We just thought we were mmogo
« on: April 04, 2018, 08:51:25 AM »

We just thought we were invincible and would win everything. It's an unbelievable feeling when you are standing in the tunnel and looking across at your team-mates. Teams play two up front at Old Trafford now but back then it was just one. The fear factor has mmogo PUBG gone now. And at Leeds it was probably the most carefree time of my career. It was just a group of young fellas, all similar ages, all similar interests, who just wanted to have a good time.

But we were all good at football. It was an unbelievable time. We had a group of footballers who could have won the league if the structure was right. But no-one had the experience to win it or the leadership to say 'right, this is how we are going to do it'.

It was a rollercoaster ride. The big difference with Leeds compared to Manchester is it is a one-club city. You get looked after. When the team is doing well, it's an unbelievable place to be. With United, there is always a City or Liverpool fan somewhere.How have you found the transition from being a player to being a pundit?RIO: It would be easier if Manchester United were doing well! It's softened the blow of retiring. We've created a team environment in the studio. I've enjoyed it.

This is what I'd be doing with my mates anyway, sitting there talking about football. Why not do it for BT?ROBBIE: It's great. To be given the opportunity to talk football with the best players. I'm a fan, so even when we're not on air, we're still talking about football.

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Re: We just thought we were mmogo
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