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Dear cryptocurrency users,

Welcome to! We can help you buy, sell, and exchange your currency on the best possible terms and at the best possible rate!
ALFAcashier is a fast, reliable way to exchange electronic currency. The service is fully automated and requires no interference by an operator. All payments are instantaneous, requiring just two confirmations from cryptocurrencies.

It’s the perfect solution for anyone who needs to buy or sell cryptocurrency, exchange one form of electronic currency for another, or transfer funds to a bank account with minimal losses. Our mission is to exchange electronic currency quickly, ensure the availability of funds in any country in the world, and provide the best quality of service.

Exchanges are currently conducted between the following payment systems:

* Bitcoin
* Litecoin
* Dash
* PerfectMoney
* PayPal
* Visa/MasterCard USD
* Bank Wire EUR
* OBT (Skrill) EUR
* ChinaUnionPay
* AstroPay
* Yandex MoneyAll transfers other than bank deposits/withdrawals are processed automatically.
Cryptocurrency will be appear in your account within one hour. Funds are transfered to electronic wallets and cryptocurrency instantly. Orders are accepted and processed 24 hours a day, including holidays and weekends!

We provide a discount of up to 10% for repeat customers. More information can be found here:
Partner program: (5-20% of the system’s commission)

Current exchange rates:
Current fees:

We're always available! We will respond within 24 hours! Contact customer support

For quick and excellent support of your orders, we recommend that you apply directly to the site's ticket system:

ALFAcashier team.


Increase your limits quick and easy - just pass a simple verification!
More information ►

Your current limits you can find out in the section Fees & Limits ►

ALFAcashier team.


Dear cryptocurrency users!

Now you can exchange Ethereum at

Buy Ethereum:
Sell Ethereum:
AutoExchange Ethereum/Bitcoin/Litecoin/DASH:

Ethereum exchange operations are instant and automatic.
If you have any questions - please contact our support team:

ALFAcashier team.


Dear customers!

There is a technical issue currently at withdrawal to Visa/Mastercard (USD) caused by our bank partner.
All orders created after 13/05/2016 might experience a long delay in finishing.
Issue is being worked currently by our bank partner and should be resolved soon.

Please be patient, all orders will be processed.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

ALFAcashier team.

Dear customers!

The action is still ongoing! Exchange your Bitcoins for Perfect Money USD with 0% commission. Hurry up!


ALFAcashier team.


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