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The most used exchange rates:
Exchange NeoSurf and MyNeosurf to Perfect Money USD
Exchange NeoSurf and MyNeosurf to Bitcoin, btc-e codem litecoin
Exchange Bitcoin to PayPal
Exchange Solidtrustpay to Perfect Money
Exchange Paysafecard to Bitcoin
Exchange PCS Mastercard to Perfect Money USD
Exchange Webmoney to Paypal USD
Exchange Okpay to Paypal USD
Exchange Perfect Money USD to Webmoney WMZ
Exchange Wester Union to  Bitcoin
Exchange Paysafecard to Perfect money
Exchange WebMoney USD to Paypal, Bitcoin
Exchange PCS Mastercard  to Bitcoin
Exchange Bitcoin to Paypal USD
Exchange WebMoney USD to Alertpay USD
Exchange Solidtrustpay to Bitcoin / Webmoney / Paypal
Exchange Webmoney USD to MoneyBookers USD
Currently we are negotiating with other financial institutions and there will be introduced more exchange directions soon.
Experts of our service pay a lot of attention to every your transaction made by you. We wish to provide you with the most qualified and precise work. You can be totally sure that all your transactions made are very secure and accurate.
Procedure of exchange currency usually instantly, but in some specific situation can takes more time, certainly we inform our customers before deal in such cases.[

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