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The easiest and the most convenient electronic currency exchange service. We offer the most flexible electronic currency exchange rate options at a most affordable cost. is a proud and solid partner of PayCo online payment services in providing 100% guaranteed fast, safe, secure and reliable service providing both of our clients the best customer service experience! Our simple and friendly interface makes every transaction flawlessly fast and smooth. And not only that, we provide accurate and transparent services to our valued clients.

We are glad to offer the easiest process of electronic currency exchange service through our simple and secure system to provide our clients the best opportunity to add or deposit funds to their different e-currency accounts by using our affordable exchange rate services.

Buying through Utama-Exchange is the EASIEST! All you need to do is follow 3 steps!

1. Fill out the form and receive an email
2. Deposit money to the corresponding account
3. A PayCo manager will deposit money to your account once your deposit has been verified!


Buy, Sell, Exchange!!!

Utama Exchange is the fastest and the safest way to buy and sell e-currencies online. Utama-exchange offers the most convenient and the most affordable e­currency exchange services. Your secure and reliable way of moving your money between countries and currencies at a fixed exchange rate that not any other exchange website could offer!

Enjoy our lowest fees to exchange the following currencies available below!

Currencies                   Buy PayCo     Sell PayCo
MYR/IDR                             FREE              1%
BTC/LTC                                5%              5%
SKRILL, PAYPAL, etc.           FREE              5%


Advantages of using Utama Exchange

1 Reliable and Secure.
We offer our customers the best service when it comes to safety and security, we can guarantee! To learn more about this, check our Privacy Policy page.

2 Flexible and affordable rates.
We provide the most flexible offers at the most affordable rates than the other e-currency exchanger websites.

3 Transparent and honest service.
We value our customers and treat them with utmost respect because they deserve to be!!

4 Simple and easy to use interface.
We want everything to be simple to have easy understanding in making a smooth business with you.

5 No extra fees! No hidden charges.
We provide quality and honest service and there is no reason for us to cost you extra! To learn more about the fees we collect, please check our Fees page.

6 Superb customer service experience.
We treat our customers as our business partners and we guarantee the best and long lasting partnership.

7 Enjoy cumulative discount program and loyalty program for our valued customers!
We embrace and value each of our customers. That is why we offer rewards and discount programs for our loyal customers.


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