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I am running a P2Pool node out of Europe.

1Gbps internet connection
4 GB Ram
Debian Linux

1/2 % fee  (yes, only 0.5%)

How to connect:

Connect your miner´s to:
newbielink: [nonactive]

User: [litecoin payout address]

Make sure to use your Litecoin address as your username or you will be donating your hashes to the node operator. Also, make sure to use a wallet address that can accept mined transactions. Don't use deposit addresses for exchanges.
The password can be anything as P2pool doesn't care what you put in there.
For maximum uptime, set one as your primary and the other as your secondary!

Features that all P2Pool nodes offer:
No registration
 Just start mining!
Payout instantly whenever a block is found on any node.
No minimum payout as long as you have an active share
P2Pool pays the block reward AND all the TX fees in that block!
 Other pools keep the TX fees for themselves.
The miner that finds the block gets an extra bonus! (0.5% of the block payout)
Decent graphs show your progress and speed.
No coins stored in the server's wallet.
 Better security
 Payouts show up as a mined transaction.
If node goes down, mine at another P2Pool node.
 No loss of PPLNS shares, other nodes guarantee your payout.
 Use other nodes as backups in your miner config.


Why should I mine on P2Pool?
P2Pool is a distributed mining pool. Nodes from around the world pool their hash power together to find blocks. A block found on any node = a payout for everyone, on every node!
Distributed hashing power helps keep the Litecoin network strong and safe.

Why should I not mine on P2Pool?
Some people do not like PPLNS, as payouts vary based on the luck of finding blocks. P2Pool must operate this way in order to leave 0 coins on the server.
P2Pool works best for miners who stick around for a while (see "What is PPLNS" below).

Why should I mine on your node?
If you want to mine on P2Pool but don't want the hassle of setting it up, I've done all the work for you!
My node has great network connectivity and decent CPU and RAM. The 1/2% fee helps me keep it running.
Although I do my best to keep it updated and secure, problems can always surprise anyone, so make sure you have a backup node or pool in your miner config.

Why does my miner say it has found a lot of shares but I have no payouts and P2Pool doesn't list my payout address?
The real P2Pool share difficulty is much higher than on normal pools. P2Pool essentially lies to your miner and tells it to work on relatively easy shares so that it submits shares every few seconds instead of every few hours. P2Pool then ignores any submitted shares that don't match the real share difficulty. By doing this, P2Pool can more accurately report your local hash rate and you can see if you are having problems quicker.

If I switch from one P2Pool node to another, will I lose my PPLNS shares?
You can switch nodes on P2pool as much as you like with no penalty as long as you keep using the same payout address as your username.

Donate LTC to: LXJL764qsAA1ChUmXD6LDRMd1zFXEQS6qx