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Title: 4 x 7950 rig running and hashing but one card Hash/Activity lower then rest
Post by: LitecoinLuxuriant on December 10, 2013, 10:01:04 PM
Well I pulled an old rig out I sold all of the cards to and started to buy back cards one by one last week.  I have added one card at a time all the way up to the fourth today.  This rig used to run 4 cards no problem.

All cards are running in the 620 Kh/s areas except for the one the monitor is hooked to running 585. This is with intensity 19 and 0 powertune.  These are vapor-x 7950's

The problem I am having is with the 3rd card or GPU2 which is NOT connected to monitor.  Hash level was low 575 area so I looked in setting in cgminer to find the Activity on all cards beside this one is 99% but the problem card is at 64%. 

Card has same config and clock values as the rest.  What am I missing?  Only way to get it to the hash level the rest of the cards are is to put powertune to 20 on the one problem card.  This does not change the activity level of the card but does increase hash to the 620 area.  Not understanding same card as the rest any help is appreciated.

After the time to type this an post links GPU2 the problem card is at activity level 99 % like the rest, but will not get anywhere over 560-575 without powertune to 20.  Powertune on that one card is the only thing that brings it up to the other cards that are not powertuned.

First pic is problem card setting with powertune.
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Second shows one of the other good GPU or GPU3
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and last a little rig shot!!
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