Author Topic: AntiPool LTC opend its ports! -> [PPLNS 1%][STRATUM+VARDIFF]  (Read 3218 times)

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A stable PPLNS pooling system!

Our features:

- Servers are intel based 32 core unix
- Backbone connected with 10 Gbit/s bandwidth
- 99.991% failsafe in a 5 star datacenter in GERMANY
- We use online monitoring to guard your mining efforts
- A honest PPLNS based payout system
- Automatic and manual payouts
- SSL secured
- Stratum for high performance
- Redundant power and network supply
- 24/7 Service

We are it professionals from the AntiSec team and know what we doing here!

The blockaverage algorithm will look at the last blockcount blocks shares and take the average as the PPLNS target. This will be automatically adjusted when difficulty changes and more blocks are available. This keeps the target dynamic but still traceable.

See "Getting Started" in the menu for directions on how to connect to our stratum server.

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This pool is a joke.

The Pool newbielink: [nonactive] not payout my and my wife RPCs.
I and my wife have almost 22 RPCs.

Automatic payment was not working and had no option for manual payment.
I made a contact via email and facebook with the pool and he just did not answer my contacts and our accounts in pool were simply canceled.
i lost 4 days mining RPC in this pool.  :'( :'( :'(
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