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Cant power rig on, Please Help!
« on: January 18, 2014, 06:48:22 PM »
Cant power rig on, Please Help!

Im currently having new issues.
For some reason the rig won't power up.
Im using a Vantacor Dual PSU Adapter Cable between an 850w and a 102w@.
3 280x cards on the 1020w, 2 280x on the 850w

Adapter I'm using:

All of the sudden I can't get the power supplies to turn on.

The original way I had it setup was powering the motherboard and cpu from the 1020 but the 1020 won't turn on or at least the fan doesn't turn on.
The 850W has a red light on it when its plugged in and green when its running.. The red light is on.

When I switch it the other way: 850w powering the motherboard and cpu, the 1020w turns on or at least the fan does and then the 850w turns on for a second with a green light and then shuts off with the red light. 

This rig has been working for about 2 weeks and it started acting weird after simply restarting the computer.

Ive tried unplugging all the GPUs from the mother board and power supply.  Leaving the power supplies setup: plugged in the motherboard cpu, but nothing changes. 

Also tried different outlets.
Normally the rig powers up automatically when it sees power.
But I'm also trying a power switch but nothing.

Ive also tried different Adapter. Also trying just running the power supplies on there own, without the other power supply on the motherboard but same results; neither turn on.

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