Author Topic: cgEasy v1.0.1--Generate CGminer config for LTC Mining easy!  (Read 62191 times)

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cgEasy v1.0.1--Generate CGminer config for LTC Mining easy!
« on: December 30, 2012, 05:55:32 PM »
"cgEasy holds your hand through the creation of cgminer configs--All you need is your pool info and know what GPU you have!"

It works on all platforms being Java, but it makes .bat files for cgminer.exe, which pretty much limits it to Windows. All you need to know about your GPU is what it is--is it a 5970 or a 7970M? Or maybe a Mobile 3410? cgEasy has around 200 different GPUs programmed into it--from a 2008 laptop gpu like a Mobility Radeon HD 3200 to a desktop 7970. This program is not meant for advanced users with multiple different gpus which each have different #'s of shaders.

download link:
cgminer forum link:
cgminer download link:
cgEasy v1.0.1 source .zip:

I encourage anyone who knows java to take a look through the source code (and even compile it yourself if you want) as that removes the suspicions and issues of running code you don't know. :)

NEW IN v1.0.1
--Overclocking settings
--Fixed one mobile card's settings
--Added Engine Clocks and Memory settings for almost 200 GPUs
--Allows overvolting

YouTube tutorial: !

What does the program do?
--Allows you to customize what color the background and font of cgminer is
--Allows "shortcutting" to pools (enter litecoinpool, it knows you mean
------>Supported Pools:,,, coinotron,, xurious, nuking, and litecoincash
--Does the work of finding out what shaders your card has for you. It asks what card you have, you type in whatever it is (say 5970, or 6990M) and it looks in it's almost 200-gpu database.
--If the card name you enter isn't recognized, you can enter how many shaders it has manually, no problem.
--Standalone, doesn't require any dependencies (aside from java)
--Adds ".bat" to filename if you don't add it.
--Allows overclocking of your GPU
--Tells you what default clock settings are of your GPU so you can decide
--Allows overvolting
Original source:,36.0.html

P2Pool PPLNS LTC Mining Pool with
SMS Notifications and Graphic Interface.


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Re: cgEasy v1.0.1--Generate CGminer config for LTC Mining easy!
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2013, 11:05:27 AM »
Thank you, coming from someone new to the bitcoin/litecoin community. I had almost given up on trying to mine until I ran across cgEasy. Not looking to get rich off the mining but wanted something to keep me involved and interested in the community.

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Re: cgEasy v1.0.1--Generate CGminer config for LTC Mining easy!
« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2017, 02:42:38 PM »

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