Author Topic: cgminer: socks proxy function fail since 3.1.1  (Read 6067 times)

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cgminer: socks proxy function fail since 3.1.1
« on: August 15, 2013, 08:19:35 AM »
I´m running a couple of cgminer version 3.1.0 on Win7 behind a socks5 proxy. It´s connecting over stratum protocol to a pool.

Since version 3.1.1 I found that cgminer ignores the proxy settings in cgminer.conf ("socks-proxy" : "",)
Running from commandline without a cgminer.conf like this (cgminer.exe --scrypt -o "stratum+tcp://" -u user -p pass --socks-proxy it just ignore it too, it connects directly to the external pool IP´s.

My tests are validated with ProcessExplorer from Sysinternals which allows to watch the outgoing IP connections of an exe file to outside world.

Even on the newest version 3.3.4 Cgminer the socks proxy settings doesn´t have effect.

I did not found any changes in the Manual which would explain this behavior.

Is there a trick how to enable Socks Proxy functionality again?

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