Author Topic: Cloudmining with 6 to 8 weeks return of investment  (Read 2266 times)

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Cloudmining with 6 to 8 weeks return of investment
« on: October 19, 2014, 09:21:04 AM »
The most profitable cloud mining is at Litecoin Gear.
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For about $ 850 you get 1600 shares corresponding to 160 MH/s litecoin mining for a year with maintenance and electricity costs included. Payouts are every week, usually friday evening to saturday morning. The listed price is $ 1805 but with coupon code "anniversary1yr" you get a 49% discount. Which brings the cost down to $ 920.55. When paying with bitcoins you get a further 8% discount giving the cost $846.91.
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This is about twice as profitable as the nearest competing cloudcomputing investment. You get return of investment (ROI) with all investments paid in six to eight weeks. Then you get profits for the rest of the weekly payouts. The nearest cloud mining competition with Gaw minings Zen scrypt miner and PB Minings bitcoin mining has a return of investment of at least three months right now.
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Consider increasing difficulty with litecoin mining which gives linearly less payout.
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Also the price of litecoins must be included in the calculation.
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What makes this investment exceptionally profitable is the multiplication of shares every one and a half month to keep up with increasing difficulty of litecoin mining on the litecoin network. Last time the shares was multiplicated by 1.35. So 1600 shares was increased to 2160 shares. The next multiplication is scheduled for 5th of november.
If you buy shares during the week before the payout on friday/saturday you get paid for the full week.
Try profitable cloud mining at Litecoin Gear. The business has been run reliably for over a year.
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